Thursday, December 15, 2016

Am I So Important

Someone thinks I am

First my gmail account password was changed. This is why and still why that I can't access it. Lord knows what that password is. Google is now devoting their time and effort to investigate. My end around was to create a new account that I've been using for some time, This is how you can reach me.
Today I found that my password for this blog was changed. I'm thankful that this recovery process was quick and easy.
There have been other intrusions that I'm not at liberty to comment on.

NO. The Russian are not to blame. I have a strong readership from Russia that is based upon mutual respect and good will. I find it wise not to get caught up in the "messaging" from either the government or the press and other media. It is us, the everyday people, who can come to an uncomplicated understanding of each other. This applies for all the countries and my own who read my slice of life. I forever stand by the most inspiring words etched in stone at Penn Treaty Park, "by deeds of peace."
Peace to the world from my small space in the world.
Roman Blazic from Fishtown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

*edit: I just received, only moments ago, an "end around" means to access my rlblazic@gmail account. The next step is to see if it can be accessed through the standard sign in process.

**edit: Yes. The standard sign in process works. Please continue to E-mail me at This what I use for practical purposes.

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