Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Veterans Day: Cpl. Charles J. Glenn III USMC Memorial

They gave a voice where silence had fallen.

The Cpl. Charles J. Glenn III USMC Memorial was installed on the corner of Wildey and Marlborough St. in 1967. This memorial is one of the oldest in the country honoring those who served in Vietnam. The first Veterans Day service was held four months after Cpl. Glenn died in the line of duty. Ten more fallen neighborhood soldiers who fought and died in Vietnam are also inscribed on the monument.
Cpl. Glenn lived on Day Street below Girard Avenue. This is in the parish of the Immaculate Conception church at Front and Allen St. Just across the street is Tip Top Playground where he and his friends played basketball against other kids from Holy Name and St Michael's, neighboring parishes, that were above Girard Avenue.
This Veterans Day service was arranged to "give a voice" to these soldiers by those who knew them as family and friend thus giving a glimpse into the lives of each one of them.

Tess Breen, the "voice" for Cpl. Butch McCuen Jr USMC, said it so well. "I don't think any veteran should be remembered from a newspaper article."
These are real people, not just a name etched in stone, but people that are loved and missed by family and friends.

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 The Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial Society 
 The Philadelphia Police and Fire Pipes and Drums


 Veteran William Burke the voice for P.F.C. Harry Seedes 3rd USA

 Warriors' Watch Riders
 Tess Breen and sister the voice for Cpl. Butch McCuen Jr. USMC

 Jewell Sessions the voice for Spec 4 William R. Sessions USA 
Voices waiting to speak. 
 Howard and Ed Secrest the voice for Sgt. Edward W. Secrest

 Vietnam veteran John Lonergan shouts the name of each person memorialized in a symbolic roll call. Veteran George Ludwig, Cpl. Glenn's uncle, responds "present and accounted for."  
 A finale salute

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Helter Skelter

When you wish upon a star....

...makes no difference who you are

When I was younger, filled with hunger....

I can remember when I was a teenager thinking what it would be like to be a Beatle. It took many years but I found out only days ago,

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Fish News Network

Fear with Ballast

That's a lot of ship

Caution! The spin stops here. I'm Gil Vannity and here's today's talking point. Fox News offered Bill O'Reilly a new 25 million dollar contract while knowing that he had settled YET ANOTHER multi-million dollar law suit for sexual harrasment. Why did Fox News remain silent about women being victimized by sexual predators? It's an easy answer. The radical right Christian agenda believes women should be subservient to men. They hold the same belief about women as does radical Islam. Their real strength is in their base followers who are easy to handle like puppets. They believe anything their handlers or puppetmaster tells them and will post on line anything their puppetmaster gives them. Sometimes the puppetmaster will directly post on one of their faltering puppet pages to boost the number of reactions and replies. This is a tactic to help increase the collection of people's names and locations to use for fundraising and to find more puppets. These are the same people that tell you your government, your FBI and other law enforcement agencies are nefariously collecting data on you and not to be trusted. No wonder companies and jobs are leaving the country. Who would want to invest if this ideology and agenda is now the face of mainstream America. And thats a memo.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Number 9

Turn me on dead man

Oct 12, 1969: Paul McCartney Death Rumors Begin
(November 9 HE DIE)

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Welcome to the World

Blog readers from other countries over the past month:  :  Australia, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Turkmenistan, Singapore, Japan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Taiwan, Spain, Guinea, Morocco, Belarus, Ireland, Croatia, Nigeria, Swaziland, Germany, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Armenia, France, Northern Mariana Islands, China, South Africa, Ethiopia, United Kingdom, Poland, Palestine, South Korea, Ukraine, Canada, Cambodia, Isle of Man, India, Lebanon, Dominican Republic, Czechia, Mayotte, Namibia, Iceland, Ecuador, Cyprus, Indonesia, Barbados, Afghanistan, Argentina, Portugal, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Russia, Philippines, Georgia, Albania, Brazil, Pakistan, New Zealand, Serbia and Egypt.

There are many other countries that I mentioned in the past not listed here. The total number of countries is well over one-hundred (100+).

I'm happy that all these countries found something of interest to read or to see pictures from this part of the world. I hope that no-one found anything offensive or disrespectful.

I welcome anyone to write something of interest or importance to them to share on this blog. It's good to know how the world is doing from those who actually live there. I would only identify the country of which it comes from and never an E-mail address or anyone's name.

I still await a visitor from  the Most Serene Republic of San Marino (Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino).

I can be reached at rblazic1@gmail.com

So let us celebrate and raise a cup or glass and shout out FREE COFFEE or FREE TEA or FREE BEER.


and that's a fact

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My Daughter's Wedding

Photos by Dad

I'm the Father of the Bride. This means I couldn't walk around with my big camera. It doesn't go with the suit. My small camera perfectly slipped into my pocket. It's my daughter's wedding! How could  I not take some shots? I got some.

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