Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Russian Military in Syria

USA and NATO Response

It's been a little over one week that Russia has been bombing terrorist positions in Syria at the request of the Syrian government.
The USA and NATO issued a powerful statement that Russia is pursuing a failed strategy.

Why is that I can find humor in most anything?

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Philadelphia Record Exchange

Vinyl to the Core

The Philadelphia Record Exchange hosted a block party celebrating it's 30th anniversary. This Fishtown business is an important source for those seeking most any genre of music on vinyl records. The shop in itself is like a musical walk down memory lane and a reminder of how record album art was at it's pinnacle.
The all day party featured the music of The Strapping Fieldhands, Aye-Aye, Purling Hiss, Monkey 101, Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band, Watery Love, Rosali and Wasted America.

Here are some photos of Dixy Blood and Ben Vaughn performing to a revolving crowd of more than 200 people and a look inside the store.

(click picture for slideshow)

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Little Sparrow

The Words of Love

It is crazy that I am able to love you
That I am able to love you sometimes
Sometimes, I would like to shout

Because I have never loved
Never loved like that
That I can swear to you

If you ever went away
Went away and left me
Left me forever

It is certain that I would die of it
That I would die of love
My love, my love

It is crazy what he used to say to me
As lovely words of love
And how he used to say them

But he has not killed himself
Because in spite of my love
It is him who left me

Without saying a word
Nevertheless, about the words
There were so many of them
There were too many of them

{Verses 1-4}

And so it is that today
These same words of love
It is me who repeats them

It is me who repeats them
With so much love
To someone other than him

I say the words
Because, about the words
There are so many of them
There are too many of them

{Verses 1-4}

Deep down it was not you
As it is not even me
That says these words of love

Because each day your voice
My voice or other voices
It is the voice of love…

That says the words
More words
Always words
The words of love

It is crazy that I am able to love you
My love, my love

If you ever went away
It is certain that I would die of it

It is crazy that I am able to love you
That I am able to love you… out of love

by edith piaf

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Argentine Tango

You can dance the tango in Fishtown

The Philadelphia Argentine Tango School  was founded in 2008 to offer instruction in Argentine tango. Often hailed as sensual, passionate, dramatic and dangerous, the true beauty of the Argentine Tango lies in its accessibility. Tango communities the world over are notable for their inter-generational character.

Do you want to dance?

Most classes & events are held in Fishtown at the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School,  2030 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125 (between Susquehanna and Norris St)

Timeless Dance

Time in.

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words from the philadelphis argentine tango school

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Aftermath: Fishtown Zoning Part IV

A Fall from Grace requires a good Parachute

This is how my friend responded at first. "I read your post and can see why people hate you." "I read the discussion and you all sounded like a bunch of dicks." (To be continued.)
I realized that I failed in not fulling explaining how I came about to write my blog post when doing so: Fishtown Zoning Meetings: Part IV
It's not good to fill in the gaps or in this case gaffe during the discussion. It wouldn't surprise me if someone responds to say it was a "gaff."

It's never the less than true that I was drawn into a concern by neighbors that something just didn't seem right regarding the public posted zoning notice signs. None of us completely understood the full procedural purpose which led to some serious questions. I decided to raise these questions and public concerns on my blog in a public forum and was met with an overwhelming negative response and spin:

I admit, in retrospect, my post was awkward. I also admit that I'm still learning and also keenly aware that many others are also learning as we go. This lack of knowledge shaped my approach but it did not exclude the benefit of the doubt. I was clearly aware to include passage for such benefits of doubt like "if it actually exit", "or something that so happened" and question marks.
That wasn't good and reasonable enough and totally ignored. It got twisted into an attack on the character and motive of the representing lawyer, Leo Mulhvihill Esq. (aka Leo).  My responses most often tends to be humorous wit but this twisted attack now on my character was met head on in no uncertain terms. Thus a battle of words ensued and escalated. This resulted in a site moderator having the final word and  not allowing any further postings. (re-read the first paragraph)

(Back to my friend) My friend phoned me the next day with a different point of view. He read every last word in my blog and the responses that followed. He saw that my writing was provocative but it bothered him that people went crazy over question marks. He even saw that there was passage for the benefit of the doubt. His question to me was "Why are these people so angry and don't want people to learn about zoning?" Why, as I saw it, do question marks make some people run for cover?

There was some hope that this matter reached its conclusion:

I was wrong to think that because this is what came next:  It, at first, made me wonder why Chris Swayer (aka Kenzo) who's a city government candidate running for the office of Sheriff would do this. Why continue or re-escalation the previous battle? It specifically was an effort, as I see it, to re-frame or twist the quest for public discussion and hopefully learning: dissuade public discussion to private. I'll admit that there is some merit to this. (different previous private attempts were non-responsive as illustrated later in this post) This time my responses were formed in humorous wit. I suppose, that in the end, it's better to take Chris Swayer's provocative post as a form of humor and just say touche'.  

The most provocative and unwarranted action continued into the Community Zoning meeting by Matt Karp (aka Karp) who heads the Fishtown Zoning Committee. I had stated during the meeting my disappointment, in the form of a question, that the Fishtown Neighbor's Association Zoning Committee omitted two (2) of the three (3) variances being requested. These omissions appeared on the Internet and in a community newspaper. (The next day I found that the public notice distributed to neighbors who live with in the project's 200 feet radius had totally omitted all three (3) variances: Variance: unknown. The omission of these variances could make the zoning request more attractive to the immediate public than what it appears to be.)
Matt Karp blew off my question with carefree ease. There's no other way to say it. He later asked in the presences of all in attendance why do I continue to attack the zoning committee. My response was a sharp rebuke and reminder that I have been privately discussing a much greater if not alarming issue with them.
I'll cut Matt some slack here: benefit of the doubt. The private issue was first raised and continuously ignored (non-responsive) by a trusted board member for over a year. That's how long I kept this matter private.

I found the following statement by Leo Mulhvihill Esq. (aka Leo) on 2015-08-12, 12:49 PM very appropriate: " I resigned from ORCA (Olde Richmond Civic Association) zoning years ago because there were too many conflicts (e.g. My clients having projects in the area) for me to continue administering the board without the appearance of impropriety."

Here comes the rub. I personally praised Leo for publicly announcing at the Fishtown community zoning meeting on Tuesday, June 16. 2015 that he cut all ties to the Fishtown Neighbors Association: July 5, 2015: "At the last zoning meeting, in your own way, made it clear that your character is beyond reproach." "Removing yourself from the FNA (Fishtown Neighbors Association) was the right thing to do." "I respect you for doing the honorable thing and not courting controversy."

I'm hopeful that all important matters are resolved with unmistakable clarity that is void of any "Do the Hokey Pokey" legalese that could foster or allow circumvention of the intent and spirit of legislation. I'm also hopeful that floating concerns of possible cronyism quickly dissipate.
I'd rather get back to doing photo essays than this.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

By The Numbers

I Win.

Bright lights invite the night something's in the air.
The lost lonely hearts appear.
The stars of neon bars, their moment drawing near.
Sometimes I wonder if they care.

I win. Tell her lips once again.
I win. Turn the key and I'll come in.
The flame needs a spark tonight.
Tonight, I win.

I've been touched by angels falling from the sky.
The wings of love that never fly.
The stars that walk along the heartless boulevard.
Tell me not to look to far.

I win. Tell her lips once again.
I win. Turn the key and I'll come in.
The flame needs a spark tonight.
Tonight, I win.

The flame needs a spark tonight.
The heart to call a name.
How cold is  my soul tonight
Tonight, I win.

photo, words and music by roman blazic_all rights reserved

Monday, August 10, 2015

Fishtown Zoning Meetings: Part IV

Loophole or Conflict

(Instructions: right click picture to open in new window if difficult to read)

Can you imagine lawyer Wardolf T. Flywheel (Groucho Marx) and his assistant Emmanuel Ravelli (Chico Marx) discussing loopholes?  Maybe you can also envision W.C. Fields just uttering the word "loophole."

Is there a loophole that the lawyer found or created to favor his client? How well does such a loophole, if it actually exist, serve the larger Fishtown community? Here's my opinion to explain my point of view.
Fishtown opposed a zoning proposal for 439 Belgrade St by a vote of 21 Yes and 38 No. Here is a factual required posted notice: Exhibit A.

The opposition was based on the client seeking Zoning Variances: Multi-family is not allowed, off-street parking is not allowed. This, as mentioned above, was opposed. Exhibit B voting results.

The lawyer previously had followed procedure by correctly filing for an a Zoning Appeal that resulted in a Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing on June 10, 2015. The Hearing Decisions History shows that there was a Decision: Continued. Exhibit C Decision History.

Here's where it get very interesting.
The lawyer, representing the client, scheduled a Community Zoning Meeting on August 18, 2015 to present a revised proposal for 439 Belgrade St: Revised proposal for a single family home with off-street parking. Variances: Accessory parking not allowed in RSA-5 zoning district. Exhibit D community notice.

Now carefully read this part.
The lawyer has posted on the 439 Belgrade St property the following notice dated July 30, 2015: Zoning Hearing Rescheduled on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 4:00 PM.

It reads as  follows: Leo Mulvihill, Jr. Esquire has applied to the ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT for consideration of permit for the lot adjustment to create two (2) lots (Lot "A" and Lot "B") OPA accounts (437 Belgrade St and 439 Belgrade St) as follows:
Lot "A": Existing single family household living
Lot "B": For the erection of an attached structure (NTE 38 FT high) with roof deck accessed by pilot house; bat windows at 2nd and 3rd floors for a two (2) family household living with two (2) off street parking spaces accessed from side street at rear size and location as shown in the application...etc. Exhibit E and Exhibit F to read in full.

Something appears at odds with this situation or procedural path. It doesn't seem to make any sense to have a Community Zoning Meeting to hear a Revised Proposal on August 18, 2015. It could unfairly  be construed as an alleged revision. Shouldn't the opposed proposal be resolved first? Is this path of procedures allowable or is it a loophole or something that so happened?
I leaves me feeling uncomfortable. How does the Fishtown Neighbors Association (RCO) explain this for resolve?  Are they aware of what is being presented here? This path is reasonably questionable because it looks like unreasonable manipulation of the zoning process on the surface. How well does such a loophole, if it actually exist, serve to benefit the Fishtown community in whole?
Maybe the lawyer and the Fishtown Neighbors Association (RCO) should postpone the scheduled Community Zoning Meeting until this overlapping conflict is resolved.
It's just not making any sense to have a Community Zoning Meeting to hear a Revised Proposal for 439 Belgrade St on August 18, 2015.

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