Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ode to the Scoundrel

I like the painted ladies
I even like the whores
For who it is they say they are
of that you can be sure
But you
You're so much more.

words by roman blazic_all rights reserved

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day

And the star-spangled banner doth wave...

We didn't need a committee
We didn't need a fundraiser
We didn't need snacks and beverage
We didn't need fore though of sacrificing our time
We didn't need pomp and ceremony, awards or a thank-you
We didn't need to question why
All we needed was a few good men and women to get the job done to honor the Veterans
We didn't forget

words and photos by roman blazic_all rights reserved


At least hear me out.

This is the third time in my life that I had such an encounter. The first time was with my mother when I was about six years old. We talked about this for many years. Yes, family would laugh and roll their eyes as you might be doing now. It was something you never forget regardless of what people would say or think of us.
This first encounter took place at Country Lakes (Estates) as it is now known in the New Jersey. Country Lakes is a short distance from Fort Dix. Fort Dix, the common name for the Dix unit of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, is a former United States Army post (now Army Support Activity under jurisdiction of the United States Air Force's 87 ABW).
It was late at night when something didn't seem right. Mom paused to look upward to the sky. I heard our neighbor call to his wife to get in the house. They ran and closed the door. Mom was still looking up with a smile of amazement. It must be something good if mom is smiling. That how I, as a young child, thought things to be. So I looked and it became very clear what she was looking at.
A bright but dull circular light was silently descending from the sky. It kept coming down until it was hovering above a forty foot tree or so. It was bigger than the size of  our house. It was motionless but yet you felt a slight tingle on your skin. Mom still had that smile on her face and so I wasn't afraid. Neither one of us had to shield our eyes with our hands because the light was clear but not brilliant.
It hovered for a few minutes and then suddenly, in a burst of speed, flew up and sped across the night sky and disappeared from view.
Dad was early to bed and way too early to rise. That had to do with his work hours. So he never got to hear our story. He found out that something important happened when several military cars filled the roads during his early morning walk. One car pulled over and a MP asked him if he noticed anything last night. Well dad didn't notice anything. He was asleep.
Dad continued his long walk and then returned home. The rest of us had gotten up a little before he came home. Dad told us of his brief conversation with the military and how they took off when he asked them what was up. Mom was still excited and told him what happened. She told dad that she would talk to the MP's. Dad exploded and said, "No!" "No you won't." He then hurried us to eat breakfast and to get dressed. "Mary please just do what I said." Dad was in a hurry to take us for a drive to Brown's Mills New Jersey, which isn't that far from us, to visit a family friend. Dad did the right thing. He knew that mom would have been relentlessly questioned. He was protecting us both.
The ride was very quiet, no conversation at all.
Once we arrived dad told my brothers and I to go out and play. That was the end of it. But mom and I never forgot and talked about it many times over the years and didn't care who heard our story.
This is what I saw a few night ago in Fishtown. These pictures were shot from a tripod.

Then this happened.
It took off with a sudden burst of speed before the camera's shutter closed.
What else can I tell you.

real event story and photos by roman blaic_all rights reserved