Thursday, June 29, 2017

Only in America

The Game Show Network 

Is this a new game show?

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

To Dance... to be free

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The Montgomery Theater

Things change

The old Montgomery Theater will soon be demolished to make room for a 71 unit mixed use apartment building. The new structure will also occupy the dentist office, an open lot which was the former site of the Thriftway Market and Lou Wolff and Sons auto dealership formerly an Atlantic or ARCO Gas Station.
The Montgomery Theater, at 523-27 E Girard Ave, operated from 1912 to 1936 according to Cinema Tours. My parents use to go there when they were young. Lou Wolff purchased the building in the early 1950's. It was a huge undertaking to pour a new concrete floor that created a level surface from the slightly downward slope of the theater's seating as told by his son Luke. The building was then used as a retail car lot and later, more so, for automobile storage.
Remnants of the the theater are clearly visible such as the the lobby floor tiles that spell out the word Montgomery. The ceiling above the lobby has faint reminders of its design pattern. You can still see the ornate base of the once hanging chandeliers. The movie screen is partially raised to reveal a small but useful stage area. Above the stage are the remnants of the pulley wheels used to lift both the curtain and the screen. This space had been used for hub cap storage and what have you. The cellar is still accessible near the front of the theater but the metal floor door was blocked by a car. The projection room has long since been converted into office space. No projector portals remain. The building, in general, is in a state of disrepair that includes a crumbling ceiling and roof. I only wish that a picture could be found when the theater was operating in its prime.

This old characteristic of Fishtown will soon fade away. The greater loss is an honest and reliable used car dealership that served many a Fishtown family, including my father and daughter, over the years.
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Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Flame of Honor

Flag Retirement Ceremony

The Sergeant-at-Arms leads the Honor Guard which also includes the Jr. Vice Commander and the Sr. Vice Commander. It is the duty of the Vice Commanders to inspect the flags for retirement. They are called forward by the Post Commander for both Vice Commanders to report that they have inspected the flags. The Post Commander then ask them both what is their recommendation. The recommendation was made that the flags should be retired.
The Post Commander, only then,  gives the order for the Sergeant-at-Arms to advance the detail to retire these flags.

All the veterans remove their caps and lower their heads in reverence to the flag.  One final salute is given before the flags are retired in the Flame of Honor.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Saturday, June 10, 2017

My Face

Going to the gym.

I walk to the supermarket. Many faces pass that'll  acknowledge a chance encounter. Sometimes a passing word is spoken or a momentary pause. Conversations happen now and then.
My groceries are packed in a bag that I carry across my shoulder. It's easier that way. My  hands are  free. The walk is about the same as carrying  a child. A dutiful workout.
A younger women and I made eye contact, exchanged smiles and said hello to each other. She had left the gym that's across the street from the supermarket. I followed up by saying, "This is my work out," referring to the bag across my shoulder. She expanded the moment in a mutual manner of light conversation by saying that she had a good workout in the gym. I told her I was crossing over York at Amond and then headed up to Belgrade St. She was crossing at Almond St too but continuing on Almond to get home. I asked her "May I walk with you?"
She said ok. I then introduced myself by name. She told me her's during a friendly handshake.  Our affect keep the mood. This lead to her telling about her exercise routine and the noticeable different in appearance and feeling good in general.
She then asked about the weight of my bag. I handed it to her to get a feel. It weighed more than she expected and comfortable with. She strapped it on her shoulder as quick as she could take it off. A smile of quiet feign exasperation covered her face while she handed the bag back to me.

She told me how the gym would provide a rounded work out. I agreed but said that it wouldn't really do anything for my face. We parted after we crossed the street.

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Day Before...

The day before Memorial Day


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