Monday, October 31, 2016

Fishtown Church For Sale

Church of the Living Word

The Church of the Living Word, 2345 E Susquehanna Ave near the fork, first sale list date was 2016-06-26 and updated on 2016-10-30. A very reliable source told me in early October that it's hoped the sale of the church would result in a conversion into apartments. The missing piece of information is the status of the the application for historic designation. The application filed on July 9, 2016 identifies the Fifth Reformed Dutch Church, Kensington.  Period of Significance (from year to year): from 1863 to 1968    Date(s) of construction and/or alteration: 1863 and 1886. The corner stone bare these dates. The application is well researched and provides clear history of this now Fishtown neighborhood.
The Fifth Dutch Reformed Church, constructed in 1863, survived in the same location until its dissolution in 1968. The Fifth Dutch Reformed Church on Susquehanna Avenue represents a longtime German stronghold in Kensington, exemplifying the economic and cultural characteristics of that section of Philadelphia.*  St Michael's Luthern church at Cumberland and Trenton Ave also served the German Community.
The Rev. Charles F. C. Suckow (1840- aft 1922) was a long time pastor of Fifth Reformed, serving for over forty years (from at least 1879 to after 1922).* He is seen here in the original configuration of the church which marks fifty years with the dates of 1861-1911.

The church organ pipes now stand covering the projecting bay that first served as the pulpit. It also had two stain glass windows that have since been covered outside with siding material. The interior of the church has strong wood wall paneling with a beautiful wooden balcony. Massive wooden ceiling cross beams are visible. The entire ceiling that arches above the beams is paneled in wood.
 The church property was sold by the Classis of Philadelphia of the RCA (Reformed Church of America) to a local Philadelphia church called The Church of the Living Word on February 15,1968 for $15,000.00. It is this church, The Church of the Living Word of Philadelphia, which appears to be the current owner, or at least, the last owner of record. (Deed: The Classis of Philadelphia of the Reformed Church of America, to The Church of the Living Word, 15 February 1968, No. JRS059_472* (The listing is an interesting read.)

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 Chronicles 19:13

* historic nomination application

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

At Least An Unwritten Law


Is there some way to stop our men from behaving this way? It could set off a whole new wave of conversion therapy.

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161 Year Old Church to be Demolished

South Kensington

Hancock Street M.E. Church founded in 1855 stands just around the corner off Girard Ave: 1217-1223 Hancock St. Two mature trees stand on the left and right side of the church which obscures a clear view.
Joe, a neighbor, told me that L&I closed it down about two years ago. The structure was sound but in need of costly repair throughout. The congregation could not afford the cost and closed the church.
The demolition hasn't started yet. There is some word that a conversion into apartments is being weighed against the cost.
Another (unknown) church just a few doors down on Hancock was converted into a single family dwelling. Fishtown has a converted church on Thompson St, Marlborough St, Montgomery Ave and Susquehanna Ave and a convent on Susquehanna. An empty convent sits on Berks St.
I don't know anything else about this church except that I hope the old church is not demolished and it's dedication stone remains in place.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Fishtown Neighbor's Garden

Girard Avenue's Garden

Had my camera out for a walk. My destination was the old movie theater at 6th and Girard. I also shoot along the way because you never know what you might come across. This is what I mean.

I've passed by this garden many times but never saw it until today (Oct. 3) The gateway was wide open unlike any other time passing by. I could see the expanse of the garden and a gentleman sitting in the patio. I called in with a hello and an introduction. This man, Tim, welcomed me in to take some pictures. We spent at least a good half-hour sitting, talking with a flavorful glass of ice tea. There was a good edge of humor and stark frankness in the words of two older guys killing some time together. I was grateful for this time and the opportunity to photograph such a nice garden. I also had to get going.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Circle of Hope Thrift Store


The actual name of the store is "Circle Thrift":  A project of Circle of Hope and the Mennonite Central Committee. The store is located in Fishtown at the corner of Frankford Ave and Dauphin St. It's housed in an old well known neighborhood supermarket from yesteryear, Silvetstein's.
Their mission, as a whole, is noteworthy even if you don't share a  religious belief.  Belief put into action goes beyond religion: "...providing inexpensive clothing, creating jobs, building community and relationships..."

It's the warmth of welcome and edgy creative environment that got me to do this photo essay.

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