Sunday, January 26, 2014

None Shall Sleep

They Kiss
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Nessun Dorma
None shall sleep!
None shall sleep!
Even you, o' Princess in your cold room watch the stars
that tremble with Love and Hope!
But my mystery is closed to Me;
none will know My name!
No! No!
On your mouth I will tell when the light shines!
And my kiss will dissolve the silence that makes You mine.
No one will know his name,
and we will have, alas, die...die!
Vanish o' night!
Fade away stars!
Fade away Stars!
At dawn I will win!
I will win!
I will win!
photo by roman blazic_all rights reserved
nessun dorma by puccini

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Need

  Whispers the women her love in one breath
Words scented softly it scares me to death
How long it lingers I somehow forget
Lost in a touch our lips a duet

Oh how I need
Somebody here to watch over me
Oh how I need
Somebody strong to put up with me tonight

Portraits in pillows and loose laying sheets
Tangled tomorrows I'm glad we can meet
Often the pleasure if one should repeat
Love and its fondness in face of defeat

Oh how I need
Somebody here to watch over me
Oh how I need
Somebody strong to put up with me tonight

Oh, oh were can I be
Found in a movie lost in TV
Oh, oh would you believe
There's just no living with me

Oh how I need
Somebody here to watch over me
Oh how I need
Somebody strong to put up with me tonight.
by roman blazic_all rights reserved

Sunday, January 12, 2014


The rain falls outside
A fountain of heaven's way
The white wine was dry

by roman blazic_all rights reserved


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fishtown Welcomes More World Neighbors

I should check my statistics more often.

There are six new nations getting an eye and earful of life in Fishtown, which is in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA. Maybe I should say a point of view from this part of the world.
I was told that I found an entertaining means to annoy family, friends, neighbors and a part of the world stage. I was also told some unprintable things too. A size 12 shoe is hard fit in one's mouth but sometimes I manage to get it in. Such is life.
So I say to the people from Iceland Frjals Bjor, to Chile and Peru Libre Cerveza, to the Turks and Caicos Islands, all one of you, Free Beer, to the three people in the United Arab Emirates Free Coffee and Tea and to the many people from Malaysia Free Teh Tarik. You know what the law is about Free Beer.
Wow! There is bunch of people from Malaysia and I must say that the Nasi lernak and murtabak would sell in Fishtown. I never had it but it looks tasty. Us Fishtown people are adventurous eaters and have plenty of room along East Girard Avenue for a new and different restaurant. I can see you driving through the neighborhood in a Porton or a Perudua and some M-pop, J-pop or K-pop coming from the sound system. It could catch on. I tune into J-Melo every chance I can.
Kawaii brings a smile to my face but it didn't catch on here in the USA. Malaysian men's fashion is similar to others around the world. Women's fashion is vibrant in color and reflects the culture and then there is the young creative minds. I'm rambling.
So welcome for it's always good to have a lot of good neighbors.

The Ukrainian Fashion Color Consultants Pick

What's in

What's out

Once again unite among yourselves, stay true to yourself.
point of view by roman

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Because They Hate Our Freedom

Or Maybe its our television programs.

Former President George W Bush made that statement to boast about "American Exceptionalism." This is why the terrorist were all angry and violent and hated the most about the USA.
I tend to think that Islamic Jihadist are just trying not to have their bearded brethren influenced to walk around with duck calls around their necks. I can see how that would upset them.
I'd bet that part of the world wishes that "Keeping Up With The Kardashian's" had something to do with hard working industrious people producing exquisite rugs instead of an annoying family.
American justice could seem kind of trifling when they see the litigants and how they behave in Judge Mathis' Court. This is judicial decorum at it best. Tolerance is one of the USA's strengths.
Just think about how much a cultural threat it could be if their children wanted to be like Honey Boo Boo. Just ask Sarah Palin how a healthy body makes a healthy mind. She contented to eat more meat as one of her New Year's resolutions.
I'm sure the Mob Wives and the Real House Wives of Atlanta, Beverly Hills etc. could teach your women a thing or two about a women's role in society. "I am women watch me roar."
How can they be so full of hate when they see a loving and respectful family help the impoverished people in their community on Pawn Stars?
It's that moral fiber of honesty, piety, sincerity and cooperation that shines through on reality TV.
So what's the next reason? Is it how this Democratic-Republic wants to spread Democracy to the world as we experience it here in the USA: "...of the people, by the people, for the people?" If it weren't for such a sound principle how would big business corporations, real estate, financial institutions and government succeed today. God bless America.
lampoonery by roman blazic photo from a&e