Monday, August 29, 2016

Nature's Heroes

For the young and young at heart.

The Friends of Penn Treaty Park presented By My Side Nature Heroes introduction of nature's interesting insects, arachnids and reptiles that call our neighborhood home and beyond. This presentation has been carefully crafted to inform and educated the youngest of children and the young at heart.
"Safari" Sandi Vincenti charms the interest of the very young and their parents with "critters" in a  knowledgeable and an easy to understand approach. She fosters the children's hands-on participation and also with singing and dancing and crafts.
It is free to attend while utilizing Penn Treaty Park and Arcadia Commons.
There are plans for a rescheduled event due to the past heat wave. Check with their Facebook site for the time and place. The children and parents will love it. Just look at the pictures.

 Make Them Beautiful
 More pictures can be found Here.
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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Artist Marie Ulmer Turns 99 Years

Happy Birthday Marie

Marie will celebrate her 99th birthday on August 31. Marie is Philadelphia, Kensington's most notable artist. Her house and home was on Howard St just around the corner from Berks St, in which, she resided mostly all her life. It was only a few years ago that she needed to move into a senior citizen assisted living home.
She, at age 97, finally had to give up driving. Marie was a strong independent women who had many friends who would assist her upon her request. Friends who also promoted her art work in art galleries and in the press, most notable, theartblog.
Marie was a fixture during the hay days of Kensington/Fishtown's First Friday Art on The Avenue. She was known as that "charming little old lady" who visited all the galleries.
I am requesting that the people of the world, Philadelphia, Greater Kensington and the artist near and far to send Marie a birthday greetings to make this and mark this as a special occasion for a great artist.

p.s. Marie loves receiving letters too. Chances are she'll write back to you.

Send to:
Marie Ulmer
(Unites States of America)
Brittany Pointe Estates
1001 Valley Forge Road
Lansdale PA 19446
Room 202-B
Seaside Heights Building

Read about Marie: theartblog and Northeast Times

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Movie Night in the Park

Hotel Transylvania 2

The Dog Day's of Summer softly slipped into the evening to the night. A welcomed steady cooling breeze swept through the park from the expanse of the river. It was a perfect time for sailboats to catch the wind, while on land, people were enjoying all the park could offer. Sirius was like a diamond in the shy.
The crowd began to swell while awaiting nature's lights to dim. Blankets and lawn chairs were spread across the comfort of the grove. Everyone (twice I lost count after 80) had a clear view. The movie then began.

words and pictures by roman blazic_all rights reserved 

A New Olympic Sport

Is it possible?

The entire world would watch if urine testing is turned into a sport.

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Deb Took A Picture

It was me and the Olympics.

I came down the steps into the living room. Deb looked and smiled. She said she wants to take my picture. Now that was different. She said I picked good colors. I was OK with that. Deb took a bunch of pictures until she found better lighting. She said that she wants to post the picture on Facebook to prove that I wore good matching colors.
What you need to know is that I'm not color blind, I'm color stupid. I might of mentioned this before. It's like a mystery to me until I look at Deb's face. If she says "It's Ok" I take off. My standards aren't so high. I've, however, became more conscience so Deb doesn't say, "What do you got on?" I also have a salmon color pair of shorts that she found three shirt to match.
Deb and I watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics. We both like the spectacle and the innovative staging. Gisele walked all the way across the arena floor. I was hoping that Astrud Gilberto would break out in song. It didn't happen.  We enjoyed the two different arena announcers that had two different pronunciations while announcing a country entering the floor. The TV commentators weren't half as much fun. We were calm and enjoying each others company when it happened.
The Croatian Olympic Team entered the arena wearing a forward fashion team outfit that incorporated the traditional design of contrasting red and white color squares that was done all wrong. Deb was dying of laughter. I wasn't going to hear the end of this.
"It all makes sense now." "Now I know it's something in your genetic code or something." "What do they got on?"

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Within 48 Hours

The Lamp is low

The Olympic Russian athlete's fate will be revealed.
How does one hand wash without the other? 

pov by roman blazic