Sunday, August 7, 2016

Deb Took A Picture

It was me and the Olympics.

I came down the steps into the living room. Deb looked and smiled. She said she wants to take my picture. Now that was different. She said I picked good colors. I was OK with that. Deb took a bunch of pictures until she found better lighting. She said that she wants to post the picture on Facebook to prove that I wore good matching colors.
What you need to know is that I'm not color blind, I'm color stupid. I might of mentioned this before. It's like a mystery to me until I look at Deb's face. If she says "It's Ok" I take off. My standards aren't so high. I've, however, became more conscience so Deb doesn't say, "What do you got on?" I also have a salmon color pair of shorts that she found three shirt to match.
Deb and I watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics. We both like the spectacle and the innovative staging. Gisele walked all the way across the arena floor. I was hoping that Astrud Gilberto would break out in song. It didn't happen.  We enjoyed the two different arena announcers that had two different pronunciations while announcing a country entering the floor. The TV commentators weren't half as much fun. We were calm and enjoying each others company when it happened.
The Croatian Olympic Team entered the arena wearing a forward fashion team outfit that incorporated the traditional design of contrasting red and white color squares that was done all wrong. Deb was dying of laughter. I wasn't going to hear the end of this.
"It all makes sense now." "Now I know it's something in your genetic code or something." "What do they got on?"

by roman blazic_all rights reserved
except the un-credited last two pictures 

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