Thursday, August 25, 2016

Artist Marie Ulmer Turns 99 Years

Happy Birthday Marie

Marie will celebrate her 99th birthday on August 31. Marie is Philadelphia, Kensington's most notable artist. Her house and home was on Howard St just around the corner from Berks St, in which, she resided mostly all her life. It was only a few years ago that she needed to move into a senior citizen assisted living home.
She, at age 97, finally had to give up driving. Marie was a strong independent women who had many friends who would assist her upon her request. Friends who also promoted her art work in art galleries and in the press, most notable, theartblog.
Marie was a fixture during the hay days of Kensington/Fishtown's First Friday Art on The Avenue. She was known as that "charming little old lady" who visited all the galleries.
I am requesting that the people of the world, Philadelphia, Greater Kensington and the artist near and far to send Marie a birthday greetings to make this and mark this as a special occasion for a great artist.

p.s. Marie loves receiving letters too. Chances are she'll write back to you.

Send to:
Marie Ulmer
(Unites States of America)
Brittany Pointe Estates
1001 Valley Forge Road
Lansdale PA 19446
Room 202-B
Seaside Heights Building

Read about Marie: theartblog and Northeast Times

words and picture by roman blazic_all rights reserved

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