Thursday, March 31, 2016

Remember Yesterday

Working it out

It's true. I'm multi-talented which, to some, means I have many ways of annoying people. This is just another example.
This video captured a performance when I transposed the chords and tried different keys. We were still working it out. It still needs some work; maybe lowering the key. I haven't thought about or played this song since last year. It's a good song and we'll work it out. (how I keep time with my feet still remains a mystery)
So here's the song warts and all. The best part is that I felt inspired. 

Remember Yesterday

On the street I heard a story about the way you get around.
It's the murmur of the voices that can tear a man way down
Oh darling will I see any more
Oh darling never been this way before
Oh darling remember yesterday
Who knows  the way
Who knows the way

Will I see you in the morning. Will I touch you in the night. 
Will the time we knew surrender in our lives. 
And the meaning of our passion was the meaning of that night.
Oh darling will I see you any  more. 
Oh darling never been this way before
Oh darling remember yesterday
Who knows  the way
Who knows the way

words and music by roman blazic_all rights reserved   

Sunday, March 27, 2016

In Prayer

Do not take God's name in vain.

photo by roman blazic_all rights reserved

Animated gif

I just learned how to make these. This could become fun and interesting or very, very annoying.

photos by roman blazic_all rights reserved

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Eighteen Years Together

I didn't forget. I'm just a day late.


We first met on the Route 25 bus. She was soon to marry and I, as it turned out, was soon to be divorced. Funny how some things begin but strange how some things end. Well sort of.
I became a cynical miserable prick when it came to women. I didn't care about relationships. The three F's became my approach: Find Them, Fuck Them, Forget Them.
I had a torrid affair with a pastry chef that Hustler magazine wanted to do a spread on. Our affair was so crazy because we didn't even like each other. We only had one thing in common. One thing in common. She had to be the worst women I ever met and the feelings were mutual. It actually brought me back to my senses.
Fate arranged a meeting on the subway. Deb was married and I was sane again. All was well.
Nearly a year pasted when fate arranged another meeting on the subway. Deb was now divorced from a very unhealthy marriage. I asked her out for a friendly diner date in Chinatown. She said yes.
Fate just wouldn't let go of us. We felt safe being with each other. She inspired me even when I didn't want to be. Fate pushed my creativity: "Everything For You"
We had our ups and downs, breakups and forgiving during the first two years. Fate refused to let us say apart: "Sometimes"
Debrah became my muse.      
She is in my song.
She is in my poem.
She is in my humor.
She is in my photograph.
She is in my passion.
She is in my silence.
She puts up with me. Lord knows she puts up with me.
Oh yea. We had Chinese for dinner yesterday.

words, pictures and music by roman blazic_all rights reserved

Friday, March 11, 2016

It's not Spring

Pictures taken on March 8th and 9th

It's not Spring but Fishtown's temperature was in the high 70's and low 80's. (26.7C) The sun was bright and warm. A perfect day to take my camera for a walk through the neighborhood.

I can hear Freddy Mercury singing.
Fishtown Animal Hospital
Marriam is one of my favorite girls from Penn Treaty Park
Man's best friend
The Sugar House Casino's homage to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."
She was a joy to talk with and just be with.
Spring cleaning
 Rev. George Chandler
Inside looking out.
The water's fine.
Somewhere beyond the sea.
Man overboard!
NicNacs4Peanuts say hello to Ray.
Palmer Park aka St Mary's Park

Enjoying the moment.
Lovely Maura at Fishtown Market

words and pictures by roman blazic_all rights reserved

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Saving a Church

2nd Spiritual Church

It's a second life. The 2nd Spiritual Church on Thompson St, between Frankford Ave and Front St. was saved by re-purposing its use for future office/work space. Skilled masons redesigned a small round window to a much larger one on the second floor for natural lighting. They also replaced bricks and pointing, power washed the brickwork and preserved the dedication stone.
The inner construction started by increasing the depth/height of the basement to create additional functional work space. Steel beams and girders were used to create a strong and secure second floor that extends through most of the length of the building.
Bravo! The characteristic of the church and the neighborhood is respectfully preserved. I made sure to not only praise the workmanship but also thank those involved for a thoughtful plan that compliments Fishtown.
The best conversation was with the two Italian masons who raised their hands with joy upon hearing my name was Roman. They knew about Istria and the surrounding conflict during the turn of the 20th century. We could of talked for hours.
Other successful church re-purposing into studio/living space in Fishtown are the Methodist Siloam Church on Susquehanna Ave near Almond St and the  Episcopal Emmanuel Church on Marlborough St just above Girard Avenue.
A greater challenge is saving St Laurentius Roman Catholic Church and the rich immigrant Polish history. This church needs structural repair which is possible but some what costly. Community effort remains strong and determined to find a developer who will preserve, re-purpose, this iconic characteristic of Fishtown.
Another church that had been re-purposed into living space and occupied as so for approximately the past twenty years is on Montgomery Ave near Frankford Ave.
This stone facade brick and mortar building is being offered for re-sale for an apparent high price. The current owners seem to prefer demolishing this church to build additional high priced box houses like the ones being constructed next to the church. Update: Church Saved
There are those of us who stand up against more out of control Fishtown realty reality.

Montgomery and Frankford Avenue
The Congregational Pilgrim Church at Marlborough and Belgrade St was not possible to save/re-purpose. It, however, was still a disheartened sight to see it totally demolished.
Bravo for those developers who re-purpose and preserve the characteristic of Fishtown with thoughtful planning that compliments the neighborhood.

pov words and oictures by roman blazic_all rights reserved