Sunday, November 24, 2013


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I see the night extend as summer draws an end.
The night wind chase the sun for fall will soon have begun.
The change the seasons bring contrasted by summer's dream
eclipse the passing and here I'm asking love not to pass the same way.
Love like seasons you do fade.

Once green the hillside crown turns shades of earthly brown.
To bareness stands the trees with winter in the breeze.
How long the night prevails for tales and dreams to sail
eclipse the passing and still I'm asking love not to pass the same way.
Love like seasons you do fade.

photo, performance, words and music by roman blazic_all rights reserved
bill morrison_bass guitar

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I Sing About You

Women, how better can I say this to you as a man.

 Once Again

Here I am once again
Faced in front once again
Women's shock once again
Here the call, here I fall
Smiling as I come to crawl

Sassy tips once again
Liquid lips once again
Roller hips once again
Long leg bridge
Take it all. Either end I do recall.
Growing up to such surprise
I caught that women in my eyes

Long lash looks once again
Sin soft sway once again
Proud pout play once again
Eyes earthquake
How they slay, selling souls and buying days
Growing up to such surprise
I caught that women in my eyes.
photo, performance,words and music by roman blazic_all rights reserved

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pop Goes The Beatles

The Beatles are still going strong.

A new Beatles at the BBC album has been released just in time for Christmas. This brought back memories of hearing the Beatles perform on short wave radio and hearing "She Loves You" way before it was released in the USA. It's still my favorite Beatle song from the early years. Many years later it again exploded in my ears when someone gave me the stereo version of the song created by a mixing group.
This inspired me to re-mix some songs from their first album, "Please Please Me."
The vocals are centerized and remastered (EQ). "Baby It's You" came out beyond my expectations. "Please Please Me" and "Twist n' Shout" had a different approach. The music was centerized which allowed me to enhance the instruments. I was able to give them a warm (musician term) sound.
I had to go to their second album to re-mix "Please Mr Postman." One version has centerized vocals and another version has the vocals slowly panned across from one side to the other.
It's was just last month that I heard the re-mixer's effort with these songs. I was very disappointed because the mastering was a mid-range nightmare. The songs were so sterile that I deleted them. 
My honey saw the Beatles perform (only the 2nd person I know.) at the long gone Municipal Stadium. Her Dad took her. Cool!
The best I can say is that my Father and Grandfather took me there when Gene Autry performed. ("Ice Cream, Ice Cream!" '"Get your Gene Autey Ice Cream."
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 Peace to all_Roman

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fishtown's 9th Court

It's in plain sight on the boarder:York Street.

This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm a person of habit. It's rare that I ever walk on this side of York Street. This court is in plain sight. You can't miss it.
This court, on the 2300 block of York Street nearer Cedar Street, is a much newer structure that contains four units. Sorry folks, but it is not an attractive sight to behold. Its design make my favorite target, London, look more desirable.
The builder's of this property must have hired a graduate from Post World War 2 East Germany's School of Architecture and Design. There is no imagination and little if any effort or consideration toward making this structure attractive.
I apologize to those who call this court home. I trust you enjoy its uniqueness and that the interior leaves you happy. To each thier own.

photos and opinion by roman blazic

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Welcome to Reunion and Mexico

Reunion Island (sorry no Ricardo Montaban or Herve Villechaize)

I never though in a million years that I'd greet people from the island of Reunion. I do have some stamps that were in an old stamp book that I got at a fles market.
1940 Bridal Veil Cascade

Reunion is a French island located in the Indian Ocean about 6 kilometres from FedEx Field where the Redskins play, east of Madagascar in Disney World and about 120 kilometres southwest of Mauritius, the nearest island that doesn't broadcast the Jerry Springer Show.
Administratively, Reunion is one of the overseas departments of France. Like the other overseas departments, Reunion is also one of the 27 regions of France (being an overseas region) and an intergal part of the Republic with the same status as those situated on the European mainland.
Reunion is an outermost region of the European Union and, as an overseas department of France, is part of  the Eurozone. 
Reunion is far better off than the island of Puerto Rico, offically the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, which is an unincorporated territory of the United States except in Philadelphia's East Kensington.
(source Wakkipedia)
So to the people of Reunion, I extend a hearty welcome from Fishtown, BIÈRE GRATUITE.

Hello Mexico
There were no Mexican stamps in that book, but you can be sure that if there were, the border patrol would be checking your papers unless you were a registered Republican or Fox News pundit.
Mexico is located in Central America and borders a giant fence that runs for miles and miles and miles along the southern region of the USA.
Mexico is important to the USA with influencing the Americanization of terrible fast food and restaurants for stupid people who burn the lining of their stomachs just to be cool.  
Mexico is regularly featured on the History Channel's, "Ancient Aliens" and C-SPAN, illegal aliens.
Controversy has grown between the two nations with the revelation that the NSA was allegedly monitoring Mexico's President's phone. More importantly is the disruption of Mexico's ecomony as more and more States legalize marijuana.
So let us laugh together "By Deeds of Peace." Fishtown extends its welcome, CERVEZA GRATIS.
I'm still hoping to hear from the Most Serene Republic of San Marino.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Welcome New World Neighbors

Welcome to another side of life in the USA

Yes. We do have freedom of speech, which allows even someone like me, to inject humor in the world of some sad and troubling events. Humor not meant to insult or belittle anyone, anything or any nation but as a vehicle to show an awarness. Others have already poured salt in the wounds of those who sufffer and struggle for their cause. Sometimes it seems that even we have forgotten our own struggles that led to the birth of a nation.
I have poked fun at my own neighbors, not to be callous, but to show how we effect each other in a transitioning neighborhood. It takes time and awarness but we are getting there. The key is to be tolerant of our differences because no one is always right and never will be.
People seem to prefer articles that shine a good light on the neighborhood. I write them to show the ease of conversation to learn from each other and share with each other.
My polictical standings is "My country right or wrong." I support this nation when we do something good and right for all. I damn well don't shy away to help correct the things that are harmful to us all.
So I welcome the new reader "by deeds of peace." Yea. Alright, a bit of bite too.

I welcome those from India ( आपका स्वागत है और मुफ्त बीयर ), Columbia ( ¡ Bienvenida y libre de la cerveza), the Philippines (my father's favorite country aside from home) ( Maligayang pagdating at libreng beer), Norway (Velkommen og gratis øl) and Pakistan ( I can't get a Urdu translation, so Welcome and free roh or "gunney ka rus") and I hope I got it right.
You can E-mail me for what ever reason at and especially send a picture, if you can, in the spirit of my greetings to you. Peace.