Saturday, November 2, 2013

Welcome New World Neighbors

Welcome to another side of life in the USA

Yes. We do have freedom of speech, which allows even someone like me, to inject humor in the world of some sad and troubling events. Humor not meant to insult or belittle anyone, anything or any nation but as a vehicle to show an awarness. Others have already poured salt in the wounds of those who sufffer and struggle for their cause. Sometimes it seems that even we have forgotten our own struggles that led to the birth of a nation.
I have poked fun at my own neighbors, not to be callous, but to show how we effect each other in a transitioning neighborhood. It takes time and awarness but we are getting there. The key is to be tolerant of our differences because no one is always right and never will be.
People seem to prefer articles that shine a good light on the neighborhood. I write them to show the ease of conversation to learn from each other and share with each other.
My polictical standings is "My country right or wrong." I support this nation when we do something good and right for all. I damn well don't shy away to help correct the things that are harmful to us all.
So I welcome the new reader "by deeds of peace." Yea. Alright, a bit of bite too.

I welcome those from India ( आपका स्वागत है और मुफ्त बीयर ), Columbia ( ¡ Bienvenida y libre de la cerveza), the Philippines (my father's favorite country aside from home) ( Maligayang pagdating at libreng beer), Norway (Velkommen og gratis øl) and Pakistan ( I can't get a Urdu translation, so Welcome and free roh or "gunney ka rus") and I hope I got it right.
You can E-mail me for what ever reason at and especially send a picture, if you can, in the spirit of my greetings to you. Peace.  


  1. How many countries read your blog?

  2. Thirty-two countries now with the addition of Reunion.