Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fishtown's 9th Court

It's in plain sight on the boarder:York Street.

This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm a person of habit. It's rare that I ever walk on this side of York Street. This court is in plain sight. You can't miss it.
This court, on the 2300 block of York Street nearer Cedar Street, is a much newer structure that contains four units. Sorry folks, but it is not an attractive sight to behold. Its design make my favorite target, London, look more desirable.
The builder's of this property must have hired a graduate from Post World War 2 East Germany's School of Architecture and Design. There is no imagination and little if any effort or consideration toward making this structure attractive.
I apologize to those who call this court home. I trust you enjoy its uniqueness and that the interior leaves you happy. To each thier own.

photos and opinion by roman blazic

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