Thursday, March 27, 2014

15 Years Married

17 Years Blissfully Divorced.

I can still get into trouble if I apply myself. I took a selfie to prove to myself that I actually exist and still look good.

It only took five or six shots. The pictures that I didn't use proved what I must look like most of the time.

Images. I want to photograph Deb. It's been several years. My new camera malfunctioned.

It was replaced. Deb and I have been entwined for 16 years. I did two photo exhibitions on just her. She stole the show each time. Erotica. She makes fresh brewed ice tea with lemons and oranges every day for me.
Got a new bathroom. We tend to leave the exhaust fan off. We're remarkable people.
Here's an article that just got published:
I made an appearance on Comcast cable ch66 "Artist Talk". It will be on every Tuesday in April at 5:00PM.
Hey! The Phillies are playing .500 ball.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Getting Around Fishtown

We Can Be Creative

You never know what you'll see but believe it.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fishtown: The Forgotten

A Wedding Album

It was between fifteen and twenty years ago that I found this wedding album in the trash. It long since got buried in my basement. My last post reminded me to look for it amongst the junk.
Here's the story. I went to the 25 bus stop at the corner of Memphis and Montgomery early in the morning. Boxes of trash covered the pavement. It all came from 1730 Memphis Street. I was told that the elderly man had died several days ago. The man unloading the trash didn't know the man's name. He was there just to clear out what was left in the house.
I started to look through the boxes and found the old man's wedding album. I just couldn't leave it there. I took it back to my house and missed the bus. I saw it coming.
Today I spoke to four neighbors but they didn't know who lived there. Time seems to have forgotten the lives that once occupied that house. I forgot too when memories would have been fresh. I remember seeing the man over the years and recognized him as a young man on his wedding day.
He and his wife were married at Holy Name Church. The pictures suggest the wedding took place sometime during the late 1930's or early 1940's. It was easy to recognize the marble railing and metal gate that was once in front of the altar. The altar is visible and so is the old pulpit that ascends five or six steps or so above the floor.
I could investigate this with the church and other sources. It's just in this moment and these wonderful pictures that these people are not forgotten.
1730 Memphis Street
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 wedding pictures by unknown photographer
house picture by me



I started to look back on pictures I took years ago. These pictures date back to January 28, 2007 according to the picture's properties. (right click the picture and at the very bottom is properties)
My children gave me this camera for Christmas in 2006. I was learning how to use it by taking it for a walk. That's my way of saying that my body needs to be in motion or else it becomes much harder to move. I was still making adjustments after breaking my neck in two places in 2003.
Center city seemed to offer plenty of interesting opportunities but I had to find them. My instinct guided me towards the Parkway. The first stop was Love Park. Not much of anything was happening. Out of the cold winter blue was a couple dressed like I need to get a closer look. They were dressed for a wedding, the bride and groom. It was just them two and minutes later their photographer.
The photographer began to set up with the tripod and light meter and so on. I approached the couple who told me that they just got married. A small wedding but, what the heck, their love was big and joyful. It was their day. They quickly agreed to pose for some pictures.
I've renamed myself Dr. Memory because I forget names as quick as I hear them. Yes, I forgot this couple's names. Maybe a needle will poke someone in this haystack. Let them know you saw their pictures if you know who they are.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ever Again

Ever Again 

I couldn't be there when you lost your way
in love's display. Something that just can't wait.
I'm sorry for you that you wait alone
and dream alone. Passion that goes unknown,
ever again.
I couldn't love you more than yesterday.
I couldn't need you more. It still remains.
Just like a steady rain.
Something that has no blame,
ever again.

photo, words and music by roman blazic_all rights reserved

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Ukraine's Flags of Confusion

Закони мови! Відвідати Канаду і дізнатися що-небудь.

    Ніколи не Капітуляція сміх і пісні для страху.
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