Thursday, March 27, 2014

15 Years Married

17 Years Blissfully Divorced.

I can still get into trouble if I apply myself. I took a selfie to prove to myself that I actually exist and still look good.

It only took five or six shots. The pictures that I didn't use proved what I must look like most of the time.

Images. I want to photograph Deb. It's been several years. My new camera malfunctioned.

It was replaced. Deb and I have been entwined for 16 years. I did two photo exhibitions on just her. She stole the show each time. Erotica. She makes fresh brewed ice tea with lemons and oranges every day for me.
Got a new bathroom. We tend to leave the exhaust fan off. We're remarkable people.
Here's an article that just got published:
I made an appearance on Comcast cable ch66 "Artist Talk". It will be on every Tuesday in April at 5:00PM.
Hey! The Phillies are playing .500 ball.

words and pictures by roman blazic_all  rights reserved

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