Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fishtown Welcomes More World Neighbors

It's like a travelogue.

It's been awhile since I looked at what parts of the world have been visiting here. It's cool to be able to reach so many people by their own choice. I figure I must have a NSA account by now.
I should post my address and ask everyone to send me a postcard or letter. I still like seeing postage stamps from around the world. I certainly learned from my father how to talk to just about anyone. I taught this to my children too. World travel is beyond my means which makes me thankful to have the internet, this blog, as a means not to be a stranger to the world. I'm sure many of you understand this. Still you can post a comment or send an e-mail rblazic1@gmail.com to say hello. Pictures are welcome especially in the spirit of "Free Beer","Free Tea" or "Free Coffee" or your culture beverage of choice. Home town pictures and people and culture food dishes are great too.
So Fishtown Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA welcomes Aruba, Luxembourg, South Korea, Kuwait, Brazil, Tanzania, Czech Republic, Japan, Sweden, Nigeria, Coted' Ivoire, Brazil, Morocco, New Zealand and Taiwan.
There are now 54 countries that visit this blog. That's enough countries to start our own culture exchange or forum without censorship. Just good manners are needed.
photo by roman blazic_al rights reserved

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