Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why I Take Photographs

And Wear Warm Clothing

Yes it's Spring. Yes it is April. Yes, I didn't forget February because of all of the snow. How could I? It gave me a opportunity to walk the streets of Fishtown around 3:00AM in the fresh untouched snow with my camera.
I wasn't the only one out that night. I met nine people and seven of them stopped to talk and have their picture taken. Most of these folks were returning home from their job. One guy had his bicycle. I guess he didn't see it coming.
My walk was in and about a five or six block radius that started at Palmer Cemetery. I back-tracked to Gaul Street. I'm actually a bit confused on my first steps by looking at the pictures. It seems that I went back and forth some how. You'll see the pictures.
My walk nearly lasted ninety minutes and I'm glad I did it. The silence of the snow was not interrupted except for a wisp of wind and those travelers who stop to talk.
This guy was a good sport and in a much needed hurry to get home. He's got a good picture.
There's the bicycle. These three just finished closing down Cedar Point

These two were walking along Memphis street.

Now to Palmer Park an oasis in the snow.

Up Orange Street
Over Miller
Down Emerick and Hello I'm Roman...
Heading back home on Belgrade Street. Thank goodness because it's getting worst.

A perfect ending.
Thank you Robert Frost.
photos by roman blazic_all rights reserved

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