Wednesday, March 12, 2014



I started to look back on pictures I took years ago. These pictures date back to January 28, 2007 according to the picture's properties. (right click the picture and at the very bottom is properties)
My children gave me this camera for Christmas in 2006. I was learning how to use it by taking it for a walk. That's my way of saying that my body needs to be in motion or else it becomes much harder to move. I was still making adjustments after breaking my neck in two places in 2003.
Center city seemed to offer plenty of interesting opportunities but I had to find them. My instinct guided me towards the Parkway. The first stop was Love Park. Not much of anything was happening. Out of the cold winter blue was a couple dressed like I need to get a closer look. They were dressed for a wedding, the bride and groom. It was just them two and minutes later their photographer.
The photographer began to set up with the tripod and light meter and so on. I approached the couple who told me that they just got married. A small wedding but, what the heck, their love was big and joyful. It was their day. They quickly agreed to pose for some pictures.
I've renamed myself Dr. Memory because I forget names as quick as I hear them. Yes, I forgot this couple's names. Maybe a needle will poke someone in this haystack. Let them know you saw their pictures if you know who they are.

photos by roman blazic_all rights reserved


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