Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pop Goes The Beatles

The Beatles are still going strong.

A new Beatles at the BBC album has been released just in time for Christmas. This brought back memories of hearing the Beatles perform on short wave radio and hearing "She Loves You" way before it was released in the USA. It's still my favorite Beatle song from the early years. Many years later it again exploded in my ears when someone gave me the stereo version of the song created by a mixing group.
This inspired me to re-mix some songs from their first album, "Please Please Me."
The vocals are centerized and remastered (EQ). "Baby It's You" came out beyond my expectations. "Please Please Me" and "Twist n' Shout" had a different approach. The music was centerized which allowed me to enhance the instruments. I was able to give them a warm (musician term) sound.
I had to go to their second album to re-mix "Please Mr Postman." One version has centerized vocals and another version has the vocals slowly panned across from one side to the other.
It's was just last month that I heard the re-mixer's effort with these songs. I was very disappointed because the mastering was a mid-range nightmare. The songs were so sterile that I deleted them. 
My honey saw the Beatles perform (only the 2nd person I know.) at the long gone Municipal Stadium. Her Dad took her. Cool!
The best I can say is that my Father and Grandfather took me there when Gene Autry performed. ("Ice Cream, Ice Cream!" '"Get your Gene Autey Ice Cream."
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