Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Eighteen Years Together

I didn't forget. I'm just a day late.


We first met on the Route 25 bus. She was soon to marry and I, as it turned out, was soon to be divorced. Funny how some things begin but strange how some things end. Well sort of.
I became a cynical miserable prick when it came to women. I didn't care about relationships. The three F's became my approach: Find Them, Fuck Them, Forget Them.
I had a torrid affair with a pastry chef that Hustler magazine wanted to do a spread on. Our affair was so crazy because we didn't even like each other. We only had one thing in common. One thing in common. She had to be the worst women I ever met and the feelings were mutual. It actually brought me back to my senses.
Fate arranged a meeting on the subway. Deb was married and I was sane again. All was well.
Nearly a year pasted when fate arranged another meeting on the subway. Deb was now divorced from a very unhealthy marriage. I asked her out for a friendly diner date in Chinatown. She said yes.
Fate just wouldn't let go of us. We felt safe being with each other. She inspired me even when I didn't want to be. Fate pushed my creativity: "Everything For You"
We had our ups and downs, breakups and forgiving during the first two years. Fate refused to let us say apart: "Sometimes"
Debrah became my muse.      
She is in my song.
She is in my poem.
She is in my humor.
She is in my photograph.
She is in my passion.
She is in my silence.
She puts up with me. Lord knows she puts up with me.
Oh yea. We had Chinese for dinner yesterday.

words, pictures and music by roman blazic_all rights reserved

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