Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fishtown Welcomes More World Neighbors

I should check my statistics more often.

There are six new nations getting an eye and earful of life in Fishtown, which is in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA. Maybe I should say a point of view from this part of the world.
I was told that I found an entertaining means to annoy family, friends, neighbors and a part of the world stage. I was also told some unprintable things too. A size 12 shoe is hard fit in one's mouth but sometimes I manage to get it in. Such is life.
So I say to the people from Iceland Frjals Bjor, to Chile and Peru Libre Cerveza, to the Turks and Caicos Islands, all one of you, Free Beer, to the three people in the United Arab Emirates Free Coffee and Tea and to the many people from Malaysia Free Teh Tarik. You know what the law is about Free Beer.
Wow! There is bunch of people from Malaysia and I must say that the Nasi lernak and murtabak would sell in Fishtown. I never had it but it looks tasty. Us Fishtown people are adventurous eaters and have plenty of room along East Girard Avenue for a new and different restaurant. I can see you driving through the neighborhood in a Porton or a Perudua and some M-pop, J-pop or K-pop coming from the sound system. It could catch on. I tune into J-Melo every chance I can.
Kawaii brings a smile to my face but it didn't catch on here in the USA. Malaysian men's fashion is similar to others around the world. Women's fashion is vibrant in color and reflects the culture and then there is the young creative minds. I'm rambling.
So welcome for it's always good to have a lot of good neighbors.

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