Sunday, October 23, 2016

161 Year Old Church to be Demolished

South Kensington

Hancock Street M.E. Church founded in 1855 stands just around the corner off Girard Ave: 1217-1223 Hancock St. Two mature trees stand on the left and right side of the church which obscures a clear view.
Joe, a neighbor, told me that L&I closed it down about two years ago. The structure was sound but in need of costly repair throughout. The congregation could not afford the cost and closed the church.
The demolition hasn't started yet. There is some word that a conversion into apartments is being weighed against the cost.
Another (unknown) church just a few doors down on Hancock was converted into a single family dwelling. Fishtown has a converted church on Thompson St, Marlborough St, Montgomery Ave and Susquehanna Ave and a convent on Susquehanna. An empty convent sits on Berks St.
I don't know anything else about this church except that I hope the old church is not demolished and it's dedication stone remains in place.

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