Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Episode l_America's Newest Reality Show

The Annoying Middle Class

Thank goodness the so-called “gentrification” of Fishtown hasn’t stamped out the humor, vivacity and lampoonery found here with it’s encroaching “political correctness.”
There is so much to be said on the topics of “hipsters” and “newcomers.”  Yes. “Real Fishtowner’s” and born-again Fishtowner’s are fair game too.
I would like to introduce a new topic: “The Annoying Middle Class.”
Case and point: About two weeks ago Montgomery Ave. was blocked off at Gaul St because a truck was being loaded with the old pavement slate from Palmer Cemetery.
This means that traffic along Montgomery Ave and Gaul St had nowhere to go.
Cars turned against traffic along both streets to get out of this mess.
A young woman in a car found herself in this quandary and started her approach to go up Montgomery Ave.
It was at that moment that a 40ish woman with a stroller and baby strapped to her chest (you know the one’s that looks like you have a horrible appendage) bellowed out with indignant exclamation, “That’s a one way street.” “You can’t go up there.”
The young lady in the car was stunned and momentarily speechless. Again that 40ish woman firmly exclaimed, “That’s a one way street.”
I held my steps to see how this would play out.
The young lady in the car replied with mild asperity, “But I got nowhere to go.” The 40ish women looked at me seeking support. She quickly caught on that I though she was nuts. She then in an abrupt manner of speaking turned to the young lady and said, “I guess you got to do what you got to do.”
The young lady safely found her way out of this encounter. The 40ish women turned to me and haughtily said, “I was only joking.” I softly replied, “You shouldn’t interfere like that.”
Yes folks there are plenty of stories to tell about the new annoying middle class.


To see this intersection:
Click enlarge "+" two times. Look for Palmer cemetery to the left or 9 o'clock.
Next drag that to the center of the map and the enlarge "+" two more times.
You will see the flow of traffic and how this traffic quandary was created and wonder why that 40ish annoying women would make a bad situation worst.

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