Friday, February 28, 2014

Fishtown: Minutes After the Crash

Drunken Driver

Minutes had only just passed before I arrived at the scene of the crash. There was no eye witnesses to talk too. There was only a few people who saw the aftermath immediately after the crash.
Kevin and Nora heard the crash as they were leaving House Gallery 1816 on Frankfort Avenue by Berks Street. They too live on Frankford Avenue. A friend was suppose to come soon and they wanted to meet him. The driver that caused the accident was held by the Police for driving drunk. A front seat passenger ran away once all the vehicles came to rest.
I was told that one person was injured and taken to the hospital. It didn't appear that they were seriously injured but the truth is not known. Shock has a way of disguising how hurt a person can be. This comes from my own experience when I was broad sided and flipped over in my car.
I was invincible when I climbed out of the car. That feeling remained at the hospital as the doctor removed glass from my eye and both ears. The doctor was surprised just how flexible I was with movement. He then firmly warned not to move about because he diagnosed and correctly so, that I was in shock. It took another twelve hours before it all hit. I could barely walk and all the bruising told me that I was not invincible.
The pictures will show why these two people, who reported the event, and those at the scene were so wide eyed from what had happened. (This report is not complete and my contain some errors.)
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photos by roman blazic_all rights reserved


  1. The white Prius is my car-- while parked, it was struck by the driver of the white SUV. I just came across this article while searching for the other driver's name. My partner was in the car when the SUV hit it. He has a concussion, but is very lucky considering the impact. I was closing the garden center after work at about 7 pm and about to cross the street when the accident happened, if a friend hadn't pulled me back, I would have crossed the street. It was a terrifying experience and everyone is very lucky, including the driver and the passenger of the other vehicle. I would like to commend the 26th police for being so helpful and respectful to all parties involved.

    1. It's good to know that you are well. Please extend the Fishtown community's best hope for your partner's full recovery.

  2. Very sorry for what happened to your partner while also thankful it wasn't worse.

  3. Scenes like these are always horrible, like your worst nightmare come to life. Still, looking at the damage caused by the accident, it's still somewhat of a blessing that no one was fatally hurt, and that you were fortunate enough that your friend had the presence of mind to pull you back from crossing the street.

    Roman Barnes @ Johnson & Johnson Law Firm