Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Like Lola

I met Lola through a close encounter of the internet kind. In other words, it was a somewhat random meeting. Her web site came up on a search about Fishtown architecture, the trinity. Lola was obviously new to the neighborhood and successfully found a trinity to call home. There was some locale culture that was shared in my response to her post regarding the term "trinity." I also included a link to the Courts of Fishtown.
Our next encounter centered around my blog post  Fishtown: The Forgotten. This caught Lola's interest. She shared the mystery wedding photographs and a well written story on her blog. She well used the vantage point of viewing all the information that was shared  by others who also found the story interesting.
I would say that her article leaves the door wide open to question some time-line, clothing style and possible identity issues. Yes, the mystery continues.
So why do I like Lola? She's a very good and interesting writer. It's also nice to think that we helped inspire each other to write on a common interest. Hey, we're neighbors too.
I somehow missed her post Thrifting a Glimpse of 1960's New York City. This is a fun and detailed story about finding an old New York City souvenir ash tray and all the sights depicted on it. This is were the common interest comes in.
This inspired me to look at some of the old New York City souvenirs I found in flea markets. The pick of the litter is a small (3.5 inch) souvenir ash tray from the 1939 World's Fair.
The Trylon and Perisphere is one of the best know symbols of all the world fairs.
 A closer look below the picture of the Trylon reveals the copyright notice NYWF  or New York World's Fair.
(right click: open new window and then enlarge picture)
These souvenirs were made in Japan.
Here's something extra. A commemorative stamp from Ecuador.

The stamp also came from a flea market find. I once looked for items that were mark as "Occupied Japan."
That's another story for another time.
So here's to you Lola and close encounters of the internet kind.

photos by roman blazic

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