Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hello New World Neighbors

Welcome to Fishtown

It's that time again to extend a warm Fishtown welcome to more world neighbors. This will make 83 countries and territories that visit this blog based in Fishtown, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA.
I must be doing something right to create such an interest or annoyance throughout the world.
It also has it downside when a large portion of readership from some countries suddenly all but disappeared. This recently has happened with three particular countries: Mainland China, (also Hong Kong) Russia and (edit) the Ukraine. This reminds me when readership from Australia all but fell off the map after one of its citizens was senselessly murdered in the USA about one year ago.
My speculation about Russia results from harsh and unreasonable sanctions, in my opinion, against Russia and exacerbating real and propagandized issues .
The Ukraine may have not liked what I wrote in "You Don't Need War." It could seem that I'm on the wrong side of their national issue. I, however, believe that the Ukraine is being manipulated by outsiders, as well as insiders, for their own gain. This, in part, fosters the destabilization of the Ukraine and the region: civil war and arms build up.
China, sadly reported, is manipulating or blocking Internet access against its citizens to the entire world and recently passed a mandate against puns. China mistakenly maybe working against its own self interest to make another great leap forward in doing so. The USA has and continues to make this mistake too, but, as the past has shown, we eventually get it right sooner or later.
" order to form a more perfect union..." is found in the opening sentence of  "The Preamble" to the USA Constitution. It's a worthy philosophic principle to read and understand.
I also understand not to be so arrogant to think our way (USA) is the only proper way. I understand that our culture does not out weigh the culture of another nation. I most importantly understand that "might makes right" in the end can fool anyone.
My words sincerely are written in the spirit of "by deeds of peace."

I, with that said, extend this respectful greetings "FREE BEER" and "FREE BLACK TEA" to Montenegro, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Finland, Moldova and Azerbaijan.

"Those people who are not governed by God will be ruled by tyrants."_William Penn
"Unbroken Faith"
"By Deeds of Peace"

words and photos by roman blazic_all rights reserved

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