Sunday, March 15, 2015

Four or five seconds.

I walk to the store to buy my food. The supermarket is about six or seven blocks from my house. I buy what items I need for the next few days. I also figure in how much I'll have to carry back home. It balances out.
Walking to the store includes crossing at many intersections. It's just like me to start counting how many seconds it takes for me to cross a street. This gave me keen notice that some streets are two lanes while many others are three lanes wide.
It nearly took me five seconds to cross Norris Street, a three lane street, time after time. This held true for mostly all three lane streets. It even took less time crossing a two lane street, such as Belgrade, by no more than four seconds. The best point made is that it takes no more than five seconds to cross streets in Fishtown.
So how does four to five seconds feel to a driver at a stop sign? It must be powerful because of the way they take off once you're clear of the car's path. You don't even have to make it to the next curb before that car is crossing the intersection. Some drivers stop half a car length inside the cross-walk. That is, if someone actually whats to cross the street, otherwise, they roll trough it and take off.
How about six seconds?
Four or maybe five seconds is all it takes.

pov by roman blazic_all rights reserved  

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