Thursday, June 11, 2015

Walking in Fishtown

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I was waiting for one old movie to end so I could see the next one. I started to fiddle with the my camera's settings while I waited. It then popped into my mind just how big is that hole that closed down the intersection of Frankford Ave and Columbus Blvd. It was a nice day and so I took my camera for a walk.
I met Joe on Girard Ave. We talked a bit about our guitars. He has a nice Martin.
I snapped this before traffic came and nearly blocked the trolley from turning. It caught my eye.
This hole is around 25 ft deep. It's enclosed by pile driven beams to prevent the ground from caving in. I have no idea how deep the water is that forms a pool.
This happened on Allen at Sarah Street.
Frankford and Wildey
Toile Atelier Fashion. Turn to the right.
So new houses actually do warp?
All natural products found here.
I chatted with Glen at Penn Treaty Metal for a while. This mantel is for sale.
Oh yea. Well just because the Spirit and the Star ignored this mural doesn't mean it doesn't convey the spirit of Fishtown.

The Blair St. Project
 Norris St
Front and Norris St: I met Kenny who introduced himself as the owner of the "Five Sisters." We talked about the garden and the changing neighborhood. He even offered me a bottle of cold water. He's trying to save the mural and some of the smaller patches.
The oceans-shaper of the world's surface-creator(?) of climate, and cradle of life-are unbelievably large.
Rocket Cat
Thrift store find of the week.
Konrad Square without that misplaced street sign in view.
    There's a story waiting to be told.

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