Tuesday, May 3, 2016

4th Annual Philadelphia Kite Festival

Friends of Penn Treaty Park

The weather was perfect for flying a kite at Penn Treaty Park. Over two-thousand people came out throughout the day to participate or to just enjoy watching the event. More and more people actually are coming out each year to fly a kite. It's just fun but also a challenge to get that kite to fly the way you hope it will. There were many first time flyers and those regaining the feel of the cord and wind. We're seeing even more colorful elaborate designed kites with each passing year.
The design of the event had the vendor's food trucks on Beach St. No vendors were in the park. This worked well so everyone could sit at the edge of the field nearer the shade of the trees. It's a family affair. The pictures will better explain it all.
We extend a special welcome to the new visitors to Penn Treaty Park from Germany, Viet Nam, and Indonesia.
More pictures are available on Flickr Photos. More photos will be added to the album in a few days.

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words and pictures by roman blazic_all rights reserved

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