Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jacqueline Taïeb

7 AM

This song has stuck with me over the years and still I love the crunching beat, the urgent guitar bursts and one crazy wild story line. This time in English. We first heard it in French.

It’s seven in the morning
I’ve got to get up
Oh I’m so tired
But let’s put some music on
It’ll get me going
Don’t know something like
Talking ‘bout my ge-ge-ge-generation

Can’t find my toothbrush
Where on earth can it be
Uh the red one is my father’s
The blue one is my mother’s
The yellow one is my brother’s
Mine must’ve gone with the wind

It’s a monday isn’t it
Oh I have an english exam today
Hmm I wish I had Paul McCartney
To help me

I feel like playing a record just to
Annoy the neighbors who are always complaining
What about a good Elvis Presley
Oh but the only thing he can say is a
Ba pa la lu ba pem lop bam a wow

A little work on my face and off I go
Beddy-bye’s over I know
I’m feeling better
Almost on my way
Uh which sweater shall I wear today

Which sweater shall I wear today
The blue one
The red one
The blue one
The red one
The red one
The red one...

as presented by roman blazic

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