Thursday, July 14, 2016

Freedom Rocks the Park

Confession of a Party Pooper

I know I wasn't feeling it. My body and mood where both best left at home. I came anyway and did my part. Let me explain. My part for the Friends of Penn Treaty Park  is photographing the events, capturing the spirit. Sometimes the Spirit* community newspaper prints them up in the paper. That's fun for everyone

I just wasn't with it to start taking pictures of people enjoying the outing. It actually is a fun way to meet and greet people. I could tell you a lot of good things and about a lot of nice people. I only photographed three or four people who called on me as I was walking through the crowd. Plan B was hatched while walking to the park. (that last sentence started me thinking about Ed Woods) I could avoid the crowd to a minimum by using my telephoto lens. Capture things that way, kind of, further away. That satisfied my body and especially my mood and sense of duty.
It didn't take long to feel how impersonal my photo shoot became. This was different. This was a challenge to re-approach framing a picture using a telephoto lens. It's finding a moment in someone's else's life at a distance.  Sounds a little creepy. (I've seen other photographers in action.)  It's what's going on in the picture that keeps the photos interesting. It's not that easy.

The end result produced a clear reflection of my mood. TV's CBS Philly Ch 3 did a great job reporting on this traditional neighborhood 4th of July celebration at Penn Treaty Park. They came and went before I got to the park. I even missed the  Nines's rocking out on the stage. I always wanted to put these guys on the spot and have them headline the bill.  I think they would fit right in with the fireworks. I didn't even stay for the fireworks. That's a first for me for the fourth.  It rained on the 4th. Deb and I didn't see any fireworks not even on TV but they did broadcast momentary bright flashing clouds, yea. Here's the pictures.
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words and pictures by roman blazic_all rights reserved  

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