Friday, December 16, 2016

A Christmas Story

by Donald Trump

The snow softly fell in the still of Christmas Eve. Santa and his sleigh effortlessly made it's way from house to house to bring gifts for the deserving child.
Down through the chimney Santa brought his bag of toys that the elves prepared all through the past year. A welcomed cup of warm cider and some cookies and fruit gave pause for Santa to catch his breath.
A child awoke from a restless night's sleep full of excitement and anticipation of Santa's arrival. The slight creaking sound of a sturdy wooden chair, that Santa sat on as he enjoyed a time of rest, alerted the child to his presences.
Out from the bed on the tips of his toes the child made his way down the stairway. The child's eyes were as wide as walnuts and his heart beat zoomed like a drum roll upon seeing Santa. Even the family pet cat couldn't walk as quiet as the child made his approach.
Within a moment Santa saw the child from the corner of his eye. He turned towards the child with a bright broad smile and a finger to his lips with a wisp of shhhhh.  The child's footsteps froze in place but Santa beckoned the child to come closer with a wave of his hand.
Together they sat side by side to the amazement of the child as they shared the last two cookies. The warmth of the moment was a moment of wonderment but the child could not contain his excitement any longer. He just had to ask Santa a host of questions.
"Santa, just what country is the North Pole?" "Is your bag full of foreign made toys?" "Did you buy American or hire Americans to make them?"
Santa's face turned as red as Rudolph's red nose as he became more annoyed with each passing question. It took all of Santa's strength to quietly tell the child to return to his bed. The child dashed off up the stairs and snuggled into the warm blankets of his bed knowing that, yes, there is a Santa Clause.
Santa, with deliberate movement, scooped up all the child's gifts and placed them back into his bag. He returned to his sleigh and then returned with a bag of coal for this annoying child.
Unbeknownst to Santa, the child was most happy to find the bag of coal left for him. For you see, this child lived in West Virginia.
The End

lampoon by roman blazic_all rights reserved

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