Saturday, February 25, 2017

Penn Treaty Park: A Place of Peace

Warm February temperatures

The plaque pictured here reads in part: " The land was appropriated for public use as a preservation landmark. Members of the Kensington community sought to have the area dedicated as a park; the dedication ceremony took place on 28 October 1893. Since then, the community has promoted proper care of the park.
In 1987, the community came together once again to fulfill their dreams for the park and to make it a beautiful place to enjoy the peace Penn made over 300 years ago."
This community spirit endures as the park was designated a Historical Landmark by the State of Pennsylvania in the year 2015 . The park is a favored site for various community group's annual festivals and smaller performances and an educational history resource.

The heart of the park is it's beauty and comfort.

Visitors from Washington D.C. 
 We had a friendly conversation. I introduced myself and ask him his name. 
He replied "Pastaboss."

 The juggler, Eve, brought about laughter when he explained why he likes coming out to the park: 
"I don't have to worry about ceilings."

you know which words are mine. pictures by roman blazi_all rights reserved

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