Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The USA in the ICU

Prognosis Poor

When did you ever see a variety of television commercials for a Supreme Court Judge nominee? You can be sure that they weren't paid for by people like you and me or your near and far neighbors. Yes, it was the deep pocket money goliaths that had its reasons to so want Judge Gorsuch. How does that make you feel about America becoming great again? The Republican's made sure of that in the Senate. I mean, after all, they are just expressing the will of the people. Well you voted for them and so it must be true now isn't it. Is this really what you wanted to make America great again? Did you ever think that the reason why you thought America wasn't so great was because it was the people and political party you voted in time after time after time? I'm sure the financial sector is glad you voted that way. 
You must be glad that the Environmental Protection Agency is going to be slowly dismantled so that Big Business can dump their waste without fear of fine and punishment. It will produce jobs like they been promising you, trickle down, since Reagan. You'll need that job so you can pay for the clean up, a clean drink of water and hopefully enough to move as far away from the pollution so you and your family don't get sick and die.
No worry. A new health care insurance system will give you more choice than ever but not the choice of a single pay system like those damn socialist on MediCare.  I'm sure that you'll need more than one policy to make sure that all the essential heath care coverage in that failed ObamaCare will be yours too. You'll pay less, they promise, for each and every policy that you'll need to have comprehensive coverage that ObamaCare has in all its policies. That deductible thing in ObamaCare really sucks and it does. That will balance out when you find out what's not covered in your new Free Market policies and how much will come out of your pocket. Maybe your house? Make sure you read the fine print with a lawyer.
It gets even better. No more money wasted in supporting the Public Broadcast Networks. After all, who needs Public Broadcast Stations or the National Endowment of the Arts. Art don't pay your bills. Art is for the rich and those lazy people who boo hoo need to express themselves and want to challenge the way you look at or think about life in more than one possible way. Worst than that, it could effect your productivity by making you want to stop and smell the roses. Hell! You got Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep you comfortably numb.   
When in doubt just look to Trump. He'll tell you the truth. Why else would this man say over and over again "Believe me." He made you safe by bombing the Syrian air base with 59 missiles. It sure messed up those mean old Syrians. They had to wait one whole day before they could send their air force off on new missions from that base. Be sure to think of the children. 
Had enough yet? Then just wait for the tax cuts that will empty your pockets even more as you pledge allegiance to the flag that most likely was made in China. Check the label because the USA has been checked into the Intensive Care Unit.

pov by roman blazic_all rights reserved until squished 

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