Monday, May 1, 2017

Stop Illegal Aliens

Build a dome

They were peacefully riding through Texas when suddenly...
,,,illegal aliens swarming all over the highway.
They come here stealing jobs away from red blooded Americans.
Hello, border control. Illegal aliens are murdering Americans. I'm afraid that they'll rape me too.
The murderers with their faces covered.
What! Their faces are covered. They must be Muslims. 
Elsewhere, the Liberals are brainwashing the American public.
Liberals protect America's greatest threat by establishing sanctuary cities.
We must have voter ID's. These aliens are committing voter fraud.
We must never forget, Barrack Hussein Obama. He was born in Kenya.
Sharia law must be stopped at all cost.
It will be worst than the attack on 9/11.
Oh my god! They're out to get Judge Gorsuch and Thomas...
...and the Christian foundation of America's law.
You must act now. The only way to stop them is to built a dome. 

pictures from earth vs the flying saucers columbia pictures
words words and concept by roman blazic_all rights reserved

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