Friday, December 20, 2013

The Fish News Network

Caution! The fin stops here.

"Hello and welcome to the Fisher" I'm Lawrence O' Really and here's today's talking point." "The Fishtown secular progressives, you know who I'm talking about, declared war on sneezing." "This time of year, Winter, sneezing is a frequent occurrence." "It's the flu season and the time when we'll most likely come down with the common cold."
"Many of us also sneeze during the Spring due to high pollen levels." "Dust, pollution and other allergens make us sneeze through out the year too." "Sometimes it seems that we sneeze for no apparent  reason." "It's a natural function of the body to clear irritants to keep us healthy." "So why are these pin heads trying to ban us from sneezing?"
"They say that it's ridiculous and annoying to acknowledge you when you sneeze with a simple act of courtesy by saying "God Bless You." "What they really mean and want to do is remove God from our lives."
"These are the same people who want to take Christ out of Christmas." "They find it so offensive to have the seasonal greetings "Merry Christmas" and now if someone says "God Bless You."
"They describe sneezing as a selfish act to draw attention and another way that religion is being forcefully imposed upon them."
"What's next, a petition to have Disney re-name Sneezy of the seven dwarfs so they don't feel offended?"
"To them God and courtesy is absolutely inane and serves no purpose."  "Its their continuous animosity toward American culture founded on Christian principles that they seek to destroy and replaced with political correctness, repressive socialism and high priced beer."
"To them I say, "In God  We Trust" and that's a memo.

lampoonery by roman blazic inspired by


  1. This so dumb because it's on cable TV everyday.

  2. The fin stops here, high priced beer, Christianity and a petition to Disney sounds about right.