Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Hoedown 2014

Words and pictures for our nearest and dearest neighbors and those who came from Puerto Rico, Spain, Germany and France to experience the culture of Fishtown.

 On a sun splashed day, the community came together for what has become an annual neighborhood tradition. Almost one thousand kids and adults had a blast at the 4th Annual Friends of Penn Treaty Park Halloween Hoedown, sponsored by the Penn Treaty SSD and Johnny's Hots
Along with fabulous refreshments, fresh apples, candy and other Halloween treats, each child received a free pumpkin. The kids enjoyed some time in the moon-bounces, face painting and the soon-to-be upgraded playground after the fun of picking their pumpkin.
This year was even more special as I got to greet a young lady who just moved from Puerto Rico to Port Richmond. This the first time she ever saw a pumpkin patch and she hardly could contain her glee. Visitors from Spain and Germany read about and saw pictures of Penn Treaty Park. It was after our introductions that the man from Germany asked if I was the Roman who has the blog. He complimented me on my photos and said he never read anyone who writes stories that made his brain bounce. He loved "The Annoying Middle Class" stories and then we got cut off for what looked like a fire had started. The generator began bellowing smoke due to a malfunction. 
It was the people from France that warmly sought me out. They thanked me for writing about Francoise Hardy. Yea, my stories drove them nuts too and with laughter. It was the words "by deeds of peace" that held the most meaning to them. They were so glad to see Penn Treaty Park and planned to dine on Girard Avenue. It was a wonderful day for all. Fishtown is global. Go figure.
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all photos by roman blazic_all rights reserved

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