Thursday, May 21, 2015

Literary Honors

The Caption

A movie caption is something we all read. It's the explanatory comment that can peak our interest or lose our interest in a film or TV show. These caption mainly go to the extreme boundaries of a concise written statement. They tend to be functional at best and...and functional at best.
There, however, are those rare creative captions that are note worthy. Captions written for 4-star movies, 0-star movies and TV shows that are just fun to read.

Gun Crazy, starring Peggy Cummins, John Dall, (1949), 4-Stars, 
Film Noir, cult classic about a firearms-obsessed couple on a crime spree. He's a timorous, emotionally disturbed World War II vetern, while she's a carnival sharpshooter who is equally disturbed, but a lot smarter, and hence a lot more dangerous. (Crime Drama, 87 Mins.)

Bait, starring Xaver Samuel, Sharni Vinson, (2011), 0-Stars,
A powerful tsunami sends ocean waters rushing into an underground supermarket, prompting the terrified shoppers to fight for their lives as vicious man-eating sharks glide down the aisles in this tense tale of deep-sea terror. (Action/Adventure, 91 Mins.)

The Visitor, starring Mel Ferrer, Glen Ford, (1979), 1-Star,
An intergalactic warrior must stop a demonic 8-year-old girl from achieving global domination. (Horror, 90 Mins.)

Wonder Women, "The Pluto Files", S1/Ep08, (1976),
A mercenary is a double threat---he steals the secret of creating earthquakes, and is an unwitting plague carrier. (Action/Adventure, 60 Mins.)

It makes me wonder if there is some form of industry/writer group that gives recognition to the person/people who write such memorable captions. Any way...what a way to enhance your TV viewing pleasure.

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