Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter: So Why a Duck?

I don't know.

No. It has nothing to do with the Marx Brothers. The best answer maybe creative marketing. I got tired of looking for a significant connection to Easter and so I leave it at this. Maybe someone can provide a clear connection between a duck and Easter.

There, however, is a clear connection between the Easter Egg and Easter Bunny.
 There's also a connection between ancient Egypt and Sumeria.

The best connection for the present day is Christianity: The Resurrection of Jesus. The important connection is that many cultures and religion are intertwined. We need to see and accept that one has much to do with the others. It could help us understand and appreciate our differences and similarities. I still have to challenge religious dogma as to what true religion really is with one question. What is it that makes one think that God didn't reveal himself in more than one way?
God is more than the given name we call upon or to how and who witnessed or received a revelation.

The Egg, the Bunny and ancient history: The following link provides the history of how many cultures and religions shaped Easter as we know it today: Ancient Origins.

Here's the link for photos of the Easter Egg Hunt at Penn Treaty Park.

words and pictures by roman blazic except ancient origins article_all rights reserved

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