Saturday, June 1, 2013

He's In Pain. It Looks It.

Nine years waiting. The stage is set.
My fingers embrace the neck.

"A Heart Impossible"

I found her when I didn't seek her ways.
She was the servant of the day.
I had to let her go and so I say,
She's a heart impossible.

Laughter and cigarettes and tall white lies
and just one look into her eyes.
I shouldn't be here, Lord, how hard I try.
Leave a heart impossible.

Mercy you know my name and tempt me with delight.
These moments that wonder through the night.
Mercy you call my name. I'm not so hard to find.
To be a heart impossible.

To find the heart impossible.

All Words and Music by Roman Blazic_Copyright_all Rights Reserved

                                          Thank you Barbara for the pictures.   All Rights Reserved.

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