Monday, June 10, 2013

Answer: Lake Winnipisaukee

Question: What does the Three Stooges and Mitt Romney have in common?
            Photo by Roman Blazic  All Rights Reserved
Moe Howard performed as a single in Philadelphia PA at the TLA (Theater of the Living Arts) in September 1974. Me and my girlfriend cut classes to see the show. I took my camera with it's f 1:2 lense. I wouldn't consider disturbing him or the audience with a flash at such a memorable occasion.
Moe had a soothing but strong clear voice as he talked about the Three Stooges. It was his skill as a stage showman that shined as he demonstrated the routine of how three people were owed and paid by the same dollar bill. It was so funny that he received a standing ovation. You had to be there to see a true master of comedy at work.
My father, Roman Sr., later in the evening, told about the Three Stooges stage show he saw back in the 1940's at the Erlanger Theater at 21st and Market sts. He also talked about their appearance in Atlantic City from way back then. Dad said their show was non-stop laughs and that the time flew by. One thing that he remembered also was how well they could harmonize when they sang. Such sweet memories.
So have a nice day Moses Harry Horwitz may you rest in laughter.

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