Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's on TV

How to read my mind.

I come to realize that watching the Maury Povich Show ( is my main source for staying in touch with Black Americans. I always wonder if these guests have a proper state id card so they don’t have any problem voting.
The TV advertisement for the new Michael J Fox Show ties in well to the preceding show, Parks and Recreation. It’s something like a brain twister.
I watched TV today. I didn’t have to do anything I couldn’t put off another day.
The Chew celebrated the hamburger. It was National Hamburger Day or something like it. I flipped the channel.
There was an absence of news on cable. You had to go look for it.
My daughter phoned. We compared notes. She handles my interest in a matter. Letting go for stronger bonds. Judge Judy came on. Logic makes for great TV. I don’t remember any court proceedings. It was a blur as Deb was fixing up before leaving.
I had lasagna and a Danish for dinner. I stopped thinking after that.
photo by roman blazic_all rights reserved

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