Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's Putin's Fault

Here's to you Mister Game Changer.

What's with this Putin guy? First off he allows these anti-gay propaganda laws wreck havoc on the lives of his own people. You would think he's some Conservative Evangelical Christian Republican from the USA.
Yea, he still likes that color red just like them.
What's with you? Are you trying to start your own 700 Club? Are you auditioning for a job as a pundit on FOX News or conservative radio for when you leave office? These thing are only for citizens of the USA, so back off.
If that wasn't enough look what happened in Syria. They used chemical weapons on their own people.
Shame on you for your continued support of that regime.
Our President of Hope and Change took a firm stand for gay rights and against the horrific use of chemical weapons that Syria used on their own citizens. It's not difficult to expect that both Houses of Congress will support military action to teach the treacherous Syria goverment a lesson they'll never forget.
Tell me Mister Putin, how do you sleep at night?
To the readers of this blog: You may find these pictures very disturbing!

all pictures_source unknown to me_sorry about that_I tried

The moral of the story: It's Putin's fault. Yea, I'm talking about you.
The immorality of the story: Dead is dead is dead no matter how it comes by war.
The hope for the story: Stop the hurt, be reasonable with each other and talk and greet each other by saying FREE BEER!
  lampooery, sadly is this hard bite, based upon actual events in the world

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