Wednesday, September 4, 2013

From Fishtown: Welcome to the New Visitors

The 19th and 20th Country.

I seem not to be so full of myself after all. I do look at statistics but not all the the time. What I mean is that I just gave the stats a close look just minutes ago.
It made realize that I need to set up an E-mail address for this site. That could be a lot of fun. It also made me deeply realize that I can't greet everyone in their native language. Give me some time to learn how to do it.
The point is that I welcome those who visit from CHINA and that one person, so far, from VIETNAM and say "FREE BEER".
It is my trust that this small but international representation of the world stands united in exclaiming the un-mistakable sincere welcome for one and all "FREE BEER".

(The guy who writes too fast and needs an editor.)

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