Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's International

What words would you choose as an international greeting? I found myself pondering this question. People from around the world are reading this blog. Wow! People from eighteen countries, so far, are stopping by. So how do I greet them in a universal friendly way? Just what are the words that would make them comfortable and welcomed?
It took some time but I think I found the perfect words.
So to those in the Netherlands’s “Gratis bier”, in Romania “Libera bere, in Serbia “Besplatnog piva”, in Poland “Darmowe piwo”, in Austria and Germany “Freibier”, in Russia Бесплатное пиво”, in France “Bière gratuite”, in Italy “Birra Gratis”, in Ireland “Beoir saor in Aisce”, in Indonesia “Bir gratis”, in Switzerland “Freibier”, “Bière gratuite” or “Birra Gratis”, in Thailand and Singapore (can’t copy)  Esperanto “Libera biero”, in Latin “Leberum cervisiam”, in International Morse Code “..-. .-. . .   -... . . .-. “, and in   Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and the USA “Free beer”.
Let us pledge to each other that we will not be annoying and raise our bottles, cans, cups and glasses and shout “FREE BEER.”

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