Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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Life in Fishtown Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA

Fishtown and the surrounding communities in the same postal zone have a community based web site, Fishtown US. (Interesting acronym FUS.)
It is here that people can post and respond, in a sharing manner, to various topics: community information, discussion, business, community concerns and just about anything, which include some of my blog postings:
Such postings of mine were three episodes of “The Annoying Middle Class.” These stories, which are based on real events and composite sketches of people stung some, annoyed some, laughter for many and now some who joined in the fun.
I responded to this post,, with humor to help promote a fabulous upcoming (July 31) concert in the park. What follows is my post that made reference to “Episode II” for how one could get a free beer at the park.

Wed, 2013-07-31 02:42

Take a look and see all the

Take a look and see all the fun from last year:
A free beer for anyone who shows a doctor's note that states that you exhibit no symptoms of being "annoying." You will, however, be denied if you ask that one particular question. Think!
The Soul Cruisers ( concert drew around one thousand people. The band does a revue of popular Motown, disco and soul music. This show is for you if you like a high-energy performance for non-stop dancing on the grass.
My main contribution ( is photographing the events to include the performance, the people in the crowd and provide pictures for the community newspaper’s usage. Photographing the people up close is a fun way to meet the neighbors and to be in touch in a personal and inclusive way.
One highlight of the night came when I took a picture of a happy couple. They presented a hand written but fake doctor’s note stating that they were free of any symptoms of being “annoying.” It also had the symbol for prescribing one “free beer.”
 I took their picture holding the note. They were thanked for being good sports in the spirit of fun. It was as I was leaving that I heard the women say, “Are you going to print this?” I just shrugged a “why not.” She then said, “I don’t know.” They were both laughing as she continued, “I don’t know if I want to do this.” We were all now laughing.
 They willingly went along with my offer of compromise with this situation. I’d delete the picture if I could at least photograph her holding the note without showing her face. Another picture was taken and the original was deleted while she watched.
This entire interaction could fill a page in itself. By the way, they offered me a free beer and they were contented to stay a face in the crowd.

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