Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Youth is wasted on older people.

Hell! I think I got too old for my own good. I seldom go out to see a movie because it's too easy to sit at home and watch one.
No traffic, no lines, no cost...yak, yak, yak. Damn it! I think I got too old for my own good.
I finally sat down to watch Avatar after all these years. Its just another cartoon propped up to be a regular motion picture. (Too many such cartoons fill the market.)
It was the new Tarzan flick complete with wild animals charging to attack the evildoers. I even went back to a section of the film (sic) to see if there was something comparable to Tarzan shouting "umgawa, umgawa, simba, simba umgawa!!!" Heck, after all, look at how much time was spent swinging from tree to tree and talking to the animals.
Don't tell me that Tarzan didn’t have to convince the villagers that they needed to trust him or someone like in most of this film. I'm just glad the cartoon Tarzan didn't have an interplanetary jungle cry: AahAahAaaaaAah!!!
I watched the film because some wing nuts claimed that the film had racist undertones: white man comes, becomes blue man, show primitive blue man how to defeat the evildoers. Ooops! I didn't mean to say primitive. The blue man was technologically challenged.
Wow! What a subtle message about respecting nature and how the planet is interconnected to our lives. I'm not sure how many of the writers were on loan from Sesame Street. Maybe that’s why it was nominated for an Oscar.
Alright, alright, I’m the grouch but this film is the trashcan.
I could feel Fox News while watching, you know like, Hannity (spell check suggested “sanity” or “vanity”) or any other pseudo-news program when pundits talked about this film. “Is there a hidden racist message in this film?” or “It’s not like anything you saw before.” or (I liked this one the best) “The colors will amazes you.” Ahh, did I mention Telatubbies. (“The Telatubbies cartoon is forcing the “gay agenda” on our children.” Remember.)
Yes, damn it! I got too old. Been there, done it, saw it over and over again.
It’s a freakin’ cartoon…. yak, yak, yak, yak.

Johnny Weissmuller 

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