Friday, August 2, 2013

A Secret Garden In Fishtown

There is a beautiful secret garden in Fishtown. It is safe to assume that very few people know about it. My discovery of this garden was a simple twist of fate.
It's serenity will make you forget the harshness of the urban experience and stress of everyday life. It's charm will entice calmness from the surrounding beauty.
I won’t give the location out of respect for the man who tried to chase me away in a reckless angry manner. The neighbors and property owners were subjected to intrusive disruptive behavior, trash and dog droppings that soil tranquil beauty.
I stayed calm , regardless of his very offensive manner, because his reasons were sound and sincere.
That man and I were cut from the same cloth and quickly came to terms. Another person then approached and joined the conversation. We left understanding each other by a firm handshake.
Some things are meant to remain discreetly known or even kept a secret. This is such a place.
Enjoy the pictures. Be nice. Keep out.

photos by roman blazic_all rights reserved 

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  1. I found the garden featured in this article earlier this year, and quite agree with the poster's remarks: the garden is charming and obscure, and somehow I suspect the people in the immediate vicinity like it that way. In any event, the garden is an excellent use of what would have been otherwise yet another semi-abandoned parcel of land.