Sunday, August 25, 2013

From Fishtown With Love (part 2)

The Nines and Kenn Kweder Performance (and a couple other things).

The Nines hit the stage running and show why they're a local favorite band.

So what's behind bag #2

A.J. Thomson honors the Fishtown Neighborhood Association, represented by Kate Micklow and
Neil Brecher, for their continuous support of the Friends of Penn Treaty Park.
Join with us

Kenn Kweder warming up.

I told ya' the show was being filmed for a documentary about Kenn.

All the right moves from the best entertainer in Philly.

Another great performance by the Legendary Kenn Kweder 

Missing from action were my favorite ladies. They always let me take their picture because I make sure that their hair and make-up looks good. They still yell at me, "When are you going to get us on the front page?"
If you know them, tell them I'm still trying.

photos by roman blazic_all rights reserved
(and don't pick on neil)

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