Monday, October 7, 2013

E-mail Adress and a Welcome

It's time to welcome new citizens of the world to this blog from Latvia, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine and Belguim. Now if only my favorite country in the world, tied for 1st place, would visit here, San Marino.
I'm sad to report, after an act of violence in the USA, that the readers from Australia have not returned. Silence is just as powerful as a strong voice. I'm hopefully that some day that I'll see you all again to join in to welcome these new people and that they join in to welcome the world with the best of greetings, "FREE BEER." 

My daughter told me it was time to stick my neck out and include my E-mail address. It would be good to hear from you for what ever the reason. It would be great if you send in a photograph especially one that includes you holding a sign in your language that reads Free Beer:
Not everyone drinks beer, I know that, so send your best greetings because I wouldn't exclude anyone.
Remember that it's good to approach this "By Deeds of Peace."


p.s. My family came from Istria. There's another man over there with the same name as mine. Be exact with the E-mail address or that other guy could get totally confused and surprised.

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